Advanced Ancient Technology: Mu/Lemuria, Atlantis & Rama

There are many ancient civilizations that provide a glimpse into the way of the world, as seen through the eyes of the past. In this article, we will learn of advance achievements in technology and education that can be seen through the Mu, Atlantis and Rama civilizations.




There are numerous records that state that the first civilization began more than 75,000 years ago within a rather large landmass that has been referred to as Mu or Lemuria. It is said that this civilization lasted for about 50,000 years. What happened to this so-called continent? Some believe that it was leveled by a series of earthquakes that were caused by a shift in poles.


Mu cannot possibly compare to the technological advanced of today, but for its time, it possesses interesting accomplishments, such as the creation of buildings that were built to last for a long period of time. It was said that these buildings were meant to combat destructive earthquakes. One of the greatest successes that are associated with the Mu civilization deals with the achievements regarding the science of government.


Research has uncovered that the Mu civilization created one language, as well as one government. They were also quite strong in the education department, where every resident was taught the ways of the universe. They also were all instructed in some sort of trade or profession, which added to their cultural success. Education for a child continued well after he or she had reached the age of 21. This schooling was necessary for an individual to be considered a citizen, which means the earliest age a person officially became part of the empire was at 28 years old.


Ancient Atlantis


When Mu fell into the depths of the ocean, filling in the area referred to as the Pacific Basin. When Mu was thriving, there were a few small islands that could be located throughout the Atlantic Ocean, which lost some of their surrounding waters. This revealed more and more land, which was dubbed Atlantis, even though a majority of the area was part of the Poseid Archipelago.


Research suggests that Atlantis produced numerous displays of advanced technology. A few books surfaced throughout the years claim that many devices and inventions could be credited to those who were part of the Atlantis civilization. It is said that air conditioners were created to prevent the intake of deadly gases. Airless cylinder lamps, electric rifles, electrical guns, as well as water generators are just some of the achievements that may have come from this civilization. It is even suggested that an aerial ship was created, which thrived on the force of levitation.


Rama Empire of India


The ancient publications of the Rama Empire still exist, providing great insight into a civilization that suffered many obstacles to remain a part of ancient history. This empire was able to surpass other ancient nations, such as China or Peru, whose land bears the marks of endless desert, miles of jungle or was simply swallowed by the ocean.


Ancient Indian civilization can be seen through the discovery of the highly developed cities of Mohenjo Daro, which means Mound of the Dead, as well as Harappa, which are located within Pakistan’s Indus Valley. With the exploration of these locations, archaeologists now have proof that Indian civilization exists earlier than first thought. The cities showed the signs of a well-planned vision, as well as an impressive system used for plumbing and sewage.