Ancient Greek Fashion

Have you ever wondered what the ancient Greeks wore during their everyday life? Did they wear long-flowing robes, togas or pants? In this article, you will explore some of the fashion statements, as well as hairstyles that were common for the ancient Greeks to display.


When it came to clothing, the Greeks showcases fashions that were quite simple in taste. There were basically two main types of material that was used to make the clothing during this time period. During the summer season, linen was the material of choice. During the winter months, ancient Greeks wore clothes made from wool. During this time, it was common for residents to purchase clothes and cloth from the marketplace. Although this was a desirable approach, it was also the most expensive.


Instead of going to the market for their clothes, most of the families made their own clothes. The linen and wool apparel included basic tunics, as well as warm cloaks. They would then dye their clothing, often a bright color or if it was desired, bleached some of their clothes white. So who was responsible for the creation of clothing in these days? It was not the men, but the mother of the family, alongside her daughter and female slaves. In regards to the way clothes were decorated, each city-state displays colors and styles that pertained to their particular location. They enjoyed the chance to represent their city-state, holding their sense of pride for their city-state quite high.


To spice up their attire, jewelry was quite popular. Although, this was a luxury that most of the rich were accustomed to, others might have the means to buy a piece of jewelry from a wandering individual. Some of the common pieces of jewelry during ancient Greece included hairpins, earrings, as well as rings. When it came to smelling good, both men and women applied perfume to themselves. Boiling flowers and herbs to create various scents created this. If you enjoy placing a hat upon your head, then you will have the ancient Greeks to thank for this invention. The first hat in history is attributed to the ancient Greeks. It was a broad-brimmed specimen, which was called a petasos. This was the sort of accessory that was worn only when traveling. It came with a chinstrap and was also used to shield one from the effects of the weather.


Today, the number of hairstyles you will see on any given day is huge. During the ancient Greek days, you would have seen a few old standbys. Mirror and hairbrushes were important accessories for the ancient Greeks. Both men and women used them. As for hairstyles, a popular hairdo involved the locks being curled and set up in an array of designs. Scented waxes and lotions held the hair creations together.  It was desirable for a woman to keep her hair long during these times. Ponytails and braids were quite popular. They would also use headband, which were made from metal or ribbon, to hold their hair out of their face or in place. Just like today, the barbershop was an important meeting place for men. They exchanged the latest gossip and news just like today. Ancient Greece was the first to establish this type of social setting.