Ancient Greek Philosophers and Scientists

Throughout history, the ancient Greeks have always had a great reputation for leading the way in philosophy and science. Whenever you think of a wise philosopher from the past, many different Greek characters may come to mind. In this article, we will introduce some of the great scientists, scholars, and some of the their thoughts.


Today, many of the theories and thoughts associated with ancient Greek thinking still affect the way we view the world. Ideas hailing from more than 2,000 years ago allow us to formulate opinions about the world, science and the human condition and thought process. All of these ideas and thoughts came from their exploration of the things, objects, and events that furthered their curiosity.


When it comes to the study of life and nature, many attribute the first journeys of thought to the ancient Greeks. It was through the actions and beliefs connected to their gods that they were able to look into these two topics. Some believe that it wasn’t until the 6th Century BC that other people began to question their purpose and way of life. They wanted certain issues solved in their minds to make them better understand all of these subjects.


Those who studied these subjects in ancient Greek times became known as scientists and philosophers. This in Greek, translated to “lovers of knowledge.” During this time, they also dabbled in other areas of interest. This included exploring the body and mind in regards to health (
medicine), pinpointing and identifying the regions that surrounded them (geography), learning about the past (history), analyzing the components that made up the sky (astronomy), as well as coming up with ways to count and measure the things they encountered in daily life (mathematics). Many well-known advancements in these subjects have also been credited to the ancient Greeks. A huge amount of the modern studies relating to these studies have been based upon the work and effort of the ancient Greeks.


As you come across information about the ancient Greeks or wonder what makes their contribution to the world so great, you’d have to take a look at their uniqueness throughout history. For starters, they are known as the only civilization to compile so many different ideas and theories that are still used and influence our way of living today. Without their discoveries and exploration into medicine, astronomy, geography, history and math, it could have taken much longer to get where we are today. Some treatment methods may have not been used and we might still be a little clueless on the planets up there.


Some of the great minds to come out of ancient Greek history include the likes of Socrates, Aristotle, Eratosthenes, Plato, Hippocrates, as well as Archimedes. In the article, “Great Ancient Greek
Philosophers and Scientists,” you will learn of some of their great contributions to medicine, science, and philosophy. For example, do you know which Greek great has an oath named after him, and do you know which one is responsible for inventions we still use today?