Ancient Greek Wine God: Dionysus

Being the son of Zeus isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, as the god of wine Dionysus learned throughout his life. Even his birth was extraordinary when compared to the other offspring of Zeus. In this article, you will learn details about the birth, childhood and significance of the ancient Greek wine god.

As the Greek god of wine, grapes and fertility, Dionysus was a major figure during celebration, carnivals, and other joyous occasions. He is the god who inspires others to join in ritual madness or surrender to ecstasy. In some lists, he is considered one of the 12 Olympians. Beyond his connection to winemaking, Dionysus was a patron deity of agriculture, as well as the theater.

Symbols used to represent Dionysus include the bull, the serpent, ivy, and of course, wine. In artistic depictions, the god is often shown riding on top of a leopard, wearing a leopard skin, or traveling by way of a chariot pulled by panthers.

The Birth of Dionysus

The birth of Dionysus was an odd occurrence. His mother was a mortal named Semele and his father was Zeus. When Zeus’ wife Hera found out that her husband had been having an affair with Semele and that she was pregnant, the jealous goddess attempted to trick Semele. Transformed into an old crone, she befriended Semele, who confided in her that Zeus was the actual father of her baby. Hera acted as if she did not believe her and Semele started to doubt that she had fathered a child with the god.

The next time Semele saw Zeus, she demanded that he reveal himself in all his glory so that she could confirm his status as a god. Zeus pleaded with her not to ask this of him. She would not relent and he finally agreed. However, mortals cannot look at a god that has become undisguised without perishing. When he appeared to her in bolts of lightning, she died. Zeus rescued Dionysus, who was only a fetus at the time and sewed him into his thigh. A few months later, Dionysus was born on an island mountaintop after Zeus released him from his thigh. He emerged as a fully-grown baby.

As a Child”¦

Ancient Greek myths state that Zeus left an infant Dionysus in care of Hermes , who was the messenger of the gods. One version of the tale sees Hermes taking the boy to King Anthamas and his wife, Ino , who was Dionysus’ aunt. Hermes told the couple to raise the boy as a girl so that he could remain hidden from the revenge of Hera. Another version tells of Dionysus going to live with the rain-nymphs of Nysa, who watched over the boy throughout his infancy and childhood. Other stories have Rhea as the woman who raised him, as well as Persephone, who lived in the Underworld. All of these attempts were to keep the boy out of harm’s way.

When Dionysus was older, he learned about the culture of the vine and how to make wine. However, the spiteful Hera found the man and caused him to go mad. He became a wanderer and was forced to roam different parts of the earth, such as places like India. Eventually, Dionysus would find peace and took in a great deal from his travels, which were translated in various myths.