Ancient Rome Facts I

The ancient Romans were pretty interesting , whether it was their interesting views on dancing or the way they offered theatrical entertainment to the public. In this article, you will learn more about the ancient ways of Romans.

Cicero was a man that wore many different hats. He was known as a Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer, and political theorist. His name actually translates into chickpea.

If you think your interest rates were bad, consider the usual rate for loans during the Late Roman Republic days. Outside of Rome, people paid about 12%, but this figure was often exceeded.

Apartment buildings existed during ancient Egyptian days. In Rome, they were called insulae (which literally translates into ‘islands’). A great deal of the buildings measured four stories tall.

To ensure the security and safety of their homes and personal belongings, the ancient Romans kept their things in strongboxes and under locks , a practice that dates back nearly 2,000 years. Some of the locks came in the form of spring padlocks, tumbler locks, and rotary locks.

Rope played an important role in everyday life and during ancient Roman times, different kinds of material were used. Sometimes, rope was made from the hair of certain types of goats. Other times, animal sinew came in handy and was considered rather strong. This kind of rope was utilized in the creation of catapults and other machinery used to launch a siege on the enemy.

Dancing was not a favorite pastime of the Romans that lived during the days of the Late Republic. The practice was seen during some religious ceremonies, as a few people performed it. At banquets, it was not uncommon to be entertained by the sight of dancing slaves. In general, Roman men and women did not dance with one another.

Theatre companies of ancient Rome were small and needed the help of slave and poor freemen to lend a hand. Performers were expected to play two to three parts. Sometimes they sung songs and danced, while other times, they were performing stunts.

Instead of using different actors to play various roles in a performance, masks were used to highlight a change in character.

Using a tablet to calculate Roman numerals was not seen as a practical method of math. Instead, the abacus and counting boards were used whenever a calculation was needed.

You’d think that transporting trade goods from point A to point B by land would be faster and less expensive than using methods by sea, but this was not the case. It cost less to ship goods across the water.

The ancient Romans believed that the caw of a crow was a good sign if it came from the left. However, if the croaking of a raven was heard from the right, then this was a good sign as well.

In ancient Roman times, the kinds of dreams that you may have before venturing out into a journey was thought to set the tone for your upcoming travel.