April Birthdays: Astrological Myths 1

April birthdays are for people born under the sign of Aries and Taurus, but in the beginning of the month, it is the charismatic and lively ram that dominates. In this article, you will learn which day of the month is set aside for celebrating the return of Persephone from the underworld and what kind of offerings are made to the goddess of compassion and healing on April 5th.

April 3rd Birthdays

To signify the start of spring, the ancient Romans saw April 3rd as a chance to celebrate Persephone’s return from the underworld. However, in Iran, this day is typically associated with the New Year, where special bowls filled with sprouted seeds are traditionally tossed into the rivers as a way to give offerings , in hopes of taking away any bad luck that was left over from the previous year. Individuals born on this day are usually full of charm, ambition, intelligence, and talented.

April 4th Birthdays

Marking the first day of a celebration that last two weeks, ancient Romans honored Cybele (also known as Magna Mater , the great mother goddess) in what was called the Magalesia Mater. Originating in Phyrgia, her cult made their way to Rome when war broke out with Carthage. Individuals born on April 4th tend to possess some of the most grounded qualities out of all the rams. However, they often find that their closest relationships are riddled with contradictions,

April 5th Birthdays

The festival of Kwan Yin is celebrated in China and Japan on this day. Offerings are made to the goddess of compassion, healing, mercy, and forgiveness in the form of incense and violet-hued candles. Placed on the altar of Kwan yin, people add rolled-up petitions for healing and protections beside the offerings that have been written on sheets of rice paper. An Aries born on this date is often blessed with the gift of speech and persuasive expression.

April 8th Birthdays

The ancient Greeks saw April 8th as a day to honor Artemis (the Moon goddess) with the Feast of the Moon Cakes. Today, the Buddha’s birthday is sacred to people living in Japan and North America, as they gather at temples and drape altars devoted to the Buddha with flowers. A figure of the infant Buddha also plays an important role in honoring this day. Members of the temples additionally pour licorice tea over the image of the image to represent bathing. A difference seen in an individual born on April 8th from the other rams is that they often in more control of their emotions.  

April 9th Birthdays

In England, you may enjoy the Hocktide Festival, which takes place on April 9th and signifies the triumph of the Saxon female warriors who fought Danish invaders in 1002 CE. An Aries born on this day also shares a birthday with the ancient goddess A-Ma , known as the patroness of fishermen and sailors in Macao.