April Birthdays: Astrological Myths 2

Whether it’s recognizing an ancient Roman celebration or acknowledging some of the interesting cultures of the past, everyone has a mythological connection to the day of their birth. In this article, you will explore an ancient approach towards gaining protection against the evil eye, as well as learn of an ancient Celtic tradition that celebrates the Sun.

April 10th Birthdays

Rams that are brought into the world on April 10th usually grow up to become pioneers in their field or stay one step ahead of the crowd. An interesting connection to the past is seen in the ancient Celtic tradition of performing Sun dances on this day. To this day, a collection of localities in Ireland may rise at the first sign of light in an attempt to catch the Sun dancing in a bowl of water. They concentrate on the shimmering qualities of the liquid. During ancient Babylonian times, a sacred religious festival took place to honor the goddess Bau , the mother of Ea. This occasion was called the Day of Bau.

April 11th Birthdays

If you were born on April 11th, why don’t you tap into your historical connection to the past and get close to evergreen, myrtle, or bay? On this day, ancient Greek children would wear branches of the above trees and plants as a way to gain protection against the evil eye. The date also stood for a day of honoring the Persian love goddess, Anahita, who was a deity associated with the power of the Moon. It is said that she lived inside the silvery light. Individuals born on April 11th are often seen as full of adventure and enthusiasm.

April 12th Birthdays

During ancient Roman times, the people would gather for the first day of the Cerealia, which was set aside to celebrate the goddess of grain, Ceres. Each year, this festival would take place and last for eight days with the primary objective of summoning fertility for their crops. In Taiwan, the goddess that watched over childbirth , Chu-Si-Nu , is honored on this day. On this day, expectant women paid a visit to the temples to ask for blessings for their soon-to-be born children. If you celebrate your birthday on April 12th, why don’t you plan a trip to an exotic place filled with adventure , a location that best agrees with your zodiac sign.

April 13th Birthdays

If you born during ancient Roman times, then you would most likely have participated in the festival of Libertas, which paid homage to the Roman goddess of liberty. On this day, locals of Thailand of the Buddhist faith take part in their Water Festival , an event that is held on a yearly basis. During the occasion, temples are cleaned and purified with incense. The statures of the Buddha also undergo a ritual bathing. Afterwards, the ware is then thrown on the attendees in hopes to wash away any evil spirits that are lingering form the previous year. Individuals born on this day are often seen as ambitious, disciplined, and highly organized members of the community.