Atlantis Possibly Found – On Land?

We all know the legend of the lost city of Atlantis as it was related to ancient historians by Plato in his dialogue Timaeus, written 2,600 years ago.  It is to this day one of the oldest mysteries left unsolved, and the long lost city has been sought ever since it allegedly  disappeared to no avail.  But now according to researchers claiming to have found the lost city, we may have been looking in the wrong place all this time.  The so-called “sunken city” was not dropped beneath the waves of the ocean, but rather sank into the mud in Spain.

The discovery comes from an archaeological research team led by Richard Freund.  If it turns out to be accurate, Freund may have found the most sought after city in the history of worldwide excavations and seafaring explorations.  And he says he has supporting evidence based on the existence of memorial cities found surrounding a mud filled area where a Tsunami may have wiped the city off the map completely despite being almost 60 miles inland.  The location may have at the time been an island surrounded by water with bridges and roads in the shape described by Plato.

Atlantis has always been of particular interest to the new age movement as one of those mysteries that eventually becomes larger than life an possibly even larger than the reality behind it.  But if the events of the past ten years have taught us anything, it’s to not discount the ability truth has to be stranger than fiction.  And if that were the case with Atlantis, it would surely have the potential to change the world in a very big way alongside the way we perceive the past.

Accounts by Plato suggest that the world’s greatest thinkers, artisans, and inventors may have resided in this place prior to its destruction.  And some have even speculated that one of the greatest thinkers of his time, Plato even received some level of inspiration from this mysterious locale.  The long lost city of Atlantis as legend is one of those stories that will always live with us, but it may soon be joined by the actual city itself.

But there is another side to this discovery.  Apparently the same force that allegedly wiped it out still exists there today.  Southern Spain’s Dona Ana Park, where the city is possibly located is still impacted by tsunamis often and could still be at risk of being lost once again.  If Atlantis is discovered and excavated in 2012, is it possible it could be hit with a massive tsunami before its mysteries are finally revealed to the world?

Modern mythology has also described incredible technology even in advance of what we have today, possibly resulting in or being contacted by a strange race of creatures that soar through the heavens in the disc shaped craft of UFO legends.  Some have even suggested the secret to where Atlantis is has been a closely guarded secret by these groups and others like them.

But for those who believe Atlantis was nothing more than a tragically lost civilization, we may actually be seeing the final answer to this age old mystery.