Atlantis:Only the Facts

I did this for research and historical reasons, and in truth a little bit of bragging rights, but I found nothing that many “published” authors would lead you to believe. Below is the information that is “truly” available from the texts and some dis-proven locations and some other information you may not have known….there are numerous websites that you can look at, but I suggest you start with the writings of Plato, before you start reading the fantasies. 
There are only two references to Atlantis in ancient texts both of which were dialogues written by Plato. These dialogues were from conversations that were to have taken place between Socrates, Plato’ mentor and teacher, Hermocrates, Timeaus, and Critias (Kritias). The origin of this conversation is written down as having come from Egyptian priests to the great-great grandfather of Critias, Solon. There are other references to “ancient people” or “ancient civilizations” in other writings; however, none are specifically identified as “Atlantis”…many are actually Minoan, Mesopetamia culture references, and they all were subject to volcanic incidents, 1000 year floods, and possibly tidal surges due to geologic factors in the Mediterranean.

The best way for me to start is to tell you what I have garnered from Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, and other writings I could find from the period… and that is only…that this is truly the only information to be found and it is very scarce in detail and elaborate in description….

What did I find that is actually written by Plato? Here is the list:

1) Atlantis traded with many foreign nations   2) could provide most of its needs     3) mined-orichalcum (most likely bronze/copper alloy), gold, silver, tin, and could make brass (alloy of copper and zinc)    4) large enough to have pasture for tame and wild animals    5) contained within- rivers, marshes, forests with woods for all kinds of work, mountains, and plains  6) had elephants   7) harvested fruits that had hard rinds and meat, and could be made into oils/ointments   8) had chestnuts         9) had numerous “great” temples, could build bridges, towers, walls, canals, and irrigation  10) used red, black, and white stone for building   11) had ceremonial harvest offerings   12) used ivory in temple decorations     13) had two natural fountains, one cold andthe other heated (implying volcanic/thermal activity)          14) had many gods, but these were intermixed with humans and were “great men”    15) had horse racing track on outer wall     16) mountains were celebrated for size, number, and beauty    17) mountains contained “country folk, rivers, lakes, meadows, forests    18) the main plain was 330 miles long and 110 miles wide (roughly)    19) the mountains sheltered the main plain (location of the capitol, which was on an island) across the northern side and ran into the ocean   20) a celebration featured men fighting bulls with “staves and nooses”     21) the leaders wore “azure” colored robes during prayer, judicial ceremonies    22) inscribed their decisions on “golden tablets”    23) “the gods thought little of possessions, possessed true and great spirits”     24) as the “great ones” bred with the humans and became more human, so also did their tendencies act more with human nature, avarice, and debasement     25) “Zeus, gathered the gods….the Atlanteans were in a woeful plight….wanting to inflict punishment…gathered the other gods….(nothing further but assumption is that he “made war”).    26) possessed lands the size of Lybia and Asia     27) “there occurred violent earthquakes and floods….Atlantis..disappeared into the sea.”    28) outer wall was 11 miles in diameter (roughly)    29) had a canal to the sea that was 300 foot wide and 100 foot deep and ran 5.5 miles down to the sea    30) had two harvests…after summer irrigation and after winter rains   31) “had rule over the whole island and several others, and over parts of the continent” and “subjected the parts of Lybia…as far as Egypt and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia”     32) left “shoal of mud” making it impassable 

The last piece of information is that it existed 9000 years before the telling to Solon in the fourth century B.C. That would mean to us, around 10,000 years or a bit longer.

The first clarification is that the “gods” as translated were described as “great men” and intermixed with mankind. They possessed superior stature, wisdom, intelligence, and “guided men as pilots” on a boat. They wore armor and were described as both men and women.    The second is that Critias “begs indulgence” at the onset of his narrative representing that he is not completely familiar, knowledgeable in the subject, and hoping his description can”suitably express himself in his meanings.” He further states that, “all that is said by any of us can only be imitation and representation.”  This and the fact that he had to “verse himself” in preparation, tells me that he had memory of this, but not “clear” memory.

What has been called, “Atlantis”? Well….Ireland, Indonesia, Lemuria, Eden, the Azores, Crete (Minoan), Thera (Santorini), Scandinavia, and a few others less known. I will disprove as many as can.

First..Minoan Crete, dated 3500 years ago, does not work. Those in the “dialogue” would have known of Crete. Size geographically, population, products available on the isle, and culturally it is actually very dis-similar to the descriptions given of Atlantis. Most importantly, Atlantis was outside the “Pillars of Hercules” which meant it was beyond the Straight of Gibraltar.

The Azores, although it is possible that there was a land-mass between Sao Miguel and Sao Jorge, and there is also the possibility of volcanic sheer (explained later) on the islands, it is unlikely because of its small size and relative position to other “islands”.  Other islands were described as “stepping stones”. Although….it does face the land of Gades (Spain) which also was in the description. Two other coincidental things about the Azores, when discovered by the Portuguese it was barren implying a catastrophy, and volcanic soil is known to be the “best soil in the world” as described in the dialogue. Some references to Athenians are correllated as being similar to Atlantis, and that is why I have included this.

Indonesia, The Isles of Blest….this theory has been based on the “Great Global Flood” of the Bible that has been wholly dis-proven through geologic and scientific studies. There was NO GLOBAL FLOOD…..Religious connotations are used to tie Atlantis to Lemuria and Eden. This is discounted by me for that very reason. Mythology that has been proven to be false with regard to religions can not be used to explain mythology of lost civilizations. However, should the origin stories be compared back to books of Egypt you find distinct similarities to the origin stories of other peoples of the world.

Celtic Isles/Celtic Shelf….is discounted because the lands of the shelf have been above the water less than 10,000 years ago. There are many reports of the “roads” in the Atlantic…these have been proven to be natural formations. There are mentions of the Caribbean Isles as well.

What I have found is that there are many volcanic isles in the Atlantic as well as areas in the Caribbean that could have suffered volcanic collapse. This is caused by earthquake activity creating the separation of the two faces of the volcanic island. There is more than adequate oceanographic evidence of these slides occurring on the Hawaiian Islands, in the Atlantic, and on many other islands created by volcanic activity. Some were followed by massive tidal waves (recent research in Alaska displays how a very small slide can create a “great deluge”).  Around the pacific there are multiple examples of such slides. I bring this up because of Aristotle and Herodotus. They imply that all the lands are surrounded by waters of the Atlantic Ocean. There are other references to this belief that all the world oceans were called the Atlantic in those days, considered only one body (in reverence to the Atlanteans) so islands in the Pacific could be included if you hold this to be literal.

In the Americas…there are stories of the “white gods” coming and these stories also pass through other folklore around the globe. They were wise, had knowledge of the stars, and many other similarities.  The pyramid cultures started and thrived globally at nearly the same time. Quite remarkable if there is no “common” factor among all those societies. The introduction of the “priest-laity” system of religion worldwide was another global and nearly simultaneous change. Metallurgy, refining of alloys, mining practices and weapon making changed globally very quickly and very close on the shortscale of human history. Masonry, including pyramids, changed globally at nearly the same time.

There are stories from tribal people around the globe of “great men” who brought knowledge of agriculture, irrigation, astrology, astronomy, medicine, and various other “civilization” changes to their people. For instance, in the southwestern US the natives used boomerangs that are exactly like those in Australia, saying that the “great one” came in a “thunderbird” (described as metal bird that made sound like thunder, in which the “great one” flew) teaching them to use a new type of corn and new weapons and the movement of the stars. Around the globe there are stories of “great men”, “Titans”, “Children from the stars/heavens”, and “enlightened” who visited, taught, and in some cases lived among men. There are also references to the “great war of the heavens”, “war of the gods”, and “war in the sky of the “great men” in many regions of the world. This fits with the incomplete description of “Zeus gathering the gods”.  Nearly all traditional and mythological stories being similar when taken in reference to those who are telling or writing their tales, should indicate that they have common roots. Not necessarily the people themselves, but possibly the refugees from a more advanced society?

There are stories among the eastern tribes of Native Americans of “gold tablets” left by the ancient ones for the tribes when the time came that they would understand them. The description is that the tablets are imbued with not only writing but also with a “mental image” of the knowledge that remained. Further, the ancients did this because they were beginning to “forget their ways.” One is claimed to have been found by the founder of the Mormon Church.

Recently, radio-carbon dating has revealed finds in the Americas that go backward from 11,000 years to 50,000 years. Remains of “homo-erectus” have been found in Mexico that place hominid in the Americas 100-200 thousand years ago…much further back than the “land bridge” theorists would like to hear.  Near the Vasequeillo reservoir remnants have been dated as far back as 250,000 years. There was outrage and anger and denial, but those who were swearing oaths are now there, digging and hiding and being all secretive about their findings. I hate to break their bubbles, but Native Americans, both in north and south, can tell oral histories that go back to the Seven Caves and further back to the origin of their peoples.  Some tribes know the dates, some know generations, but most will say between 20 and 60 thousand years ago….and speak of  many “visitors” much later in their histories.

In South America and Central America there were civilizations that numbered in the millions only 1-5 thousand years ago. Many survived the Spanish invasion and lived until the 1500s. Now, there are jungles grown over their temples, pyramids, and cities. In many places, 1-3 thousand years completely erased their existence if not for our technology. This should be an indication of how quickly the environment of our planet can reclaim its territories.

There are legends of a great bridge across the sea. Said to have been built, it now has been found withour satellite technology. Rama’s bridge should be great indication that “mythology” should never be discounted as a source of research. Many things that were simplified or spoken through the lives and simplified descriptions of Native Peoples around the world have been ignored and discounted as “mythology”, legend, or folklore because it made no “real sense” to the scholars that heard it . This communication should be done with open mind, and understood that interpretation has to be from their way of native living and their environment. The best example for me is the “sickness stone” in Arizona. The Army Corp. laughed and giggled and said the local Natives were ignorant. They were mining radioactive ore for atomic weapons. What does it do? It makes everyone exposed to it…sick.

I do not pretend to know where the Atlantis of Plato is. However, I do say that if I were a betting man and serious about finding it there are three steps to be taken for research and scientific endeavors.

The first should be a concentrated effort to speak to all “Native Peoples” around the world before they are destroyed by the industrial age we live in. Their spoken history (and written..cave paintings included) has many references and clues that should be taken into consideration on this matter as well as many other issues that have been questioned for ages.

The second should be an extensive look around the Island of Cuba/Barrier Islands of the Caribbean and the Azores with the technology we possess today. There is the remote possibility that both these locations could be the capitol city of Atlantis if there have been sufficient slides to have displaced material equivalent to the land mass described.   I say this because they fall “directly outside” of the “Pillars of Hercules” and because they fall geographically in positions that would allow them to travel freely to the Mediterranean Sea and to dominate a continent. Should there be absolutely no evidence, a gradual eastward movement would be the next step, including the Americas.

And the last? Take a serious look at all the old mythologies and oral traditions of the world. The Norse, Celtic, Chinese, Indian, Native American, African, and Pacific Islanders all have rich cultural heritage with origin stories, stories of “great visitors” who were described as “white”, and other things that are direct contradictions to the “accepted way things were in the beginning, teachings of origin, and other standardized beliefs created by religions.”

Personally, given the “cataclysmic” end of the story, I do not think that anything beyond small fragments, scattered around the globe by the survivors, will ever be found. However, I sincerely believe that should the three steps above be taken seriously and followed through with, a greater understanding of the origin of the Atlantis written about by Plato surely will be found and many other questions can be answered if pursued with open minds.

The last thing I would say, it simply this: “Should the ‘Romans’ ever open their libraries and vaults, granting access to the brightest researchers from around the globe instead of just those who will swear loyalty and silence…then, many questions will be answered. Why, because Alexandria was SACKED before it was burned. The massive amounts of information was taken back to Rome and the proof is in the concrete, litteraly in the stone, not lost as many would lead you to believe. I sincerely believe that much is there, secreted away, concentrating their power, and hidden from the world that could clarify many things. If not, why would they seek researchers, translators, and scientists for their vaults for so many centuries???