Charlemagne’s UFO That United Rome

It’s an incredibly weighted claim to make, suggesting that the ancient world was toppled and conquered by an unidentified flying object, but it’s a surprisingly valid one when we take into consideration the vision that appeared before Charlemagne as his armies marched across Saxony.  It was this vision that would inspire Charlemaigne to abandon the old gods Rome had so long worshiped and adopt a new theology.  But looking back on the events transcribed first by Einhard in his Vita Caroli, the event reads exactly like a modern day mass UFO sighting.

It all began just before sunrise as the army assembled and began their long march for the day.  Seating himself atop his horse and looking back at the expanse of loyal followers, Charlemagne had been pressured to march under an entirely different banner – one which renounced Jupiter, who had enjoyed the service of each Roman emperor before Charlemagne.  To do so would have been utter blasphemy to the Romans, including his own men.  But then as they marched that morning suddenly a mysterious object appeared in the heavens in front of thousands of men.  It was described by Einhard as follows, “Charlemagne saw a meteor flash down from the heavens and pass along the clear sky from right to left with a great blaze of light.”  The tremendous flash of light is said to have terrified the horses so bad that they immediately became panicked and fell to the ground rolling around.  Charlemagne was flung from his horse along with the javelin he had been holding.  The distance it flung him left the javelin buried in the ground some twenty feet away.  Charlemagne’s belt buckle, bearing the image of Jupiter had been snapped to pieces.

Rather than looking at the event as an augur, Charlemagne told his men to paint a new symbol on their shields – a new banner for a new interpretation of their gods.  The old figureheads were abandoned and Charlemagne went on to unify Rome.  History would never be the same.  But the interpretation of Charlemagne’s vision as a meteor has come under some scrutiny for quite some time simply because it was seen as so incredibly unlikely.  How could a meteor so vast its distant presence would be enough to terrify horses suddenly appear and disappear around the horizon without causing considerable damage elsewhere in the region?  Why was the event timed so perfectly as to cause an intense change for the rest of the Roman empire and even the world?  How different would the world have developed if Charlemagne had not seen this incredible object?

It seems the UFO witnessed by Charlemagne was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to history and the paranormal.  In fact, there have been many moments in western history that seem to have been shaped by Unidentified flying objects.  But to the east, as we look at the Vimanas of India we find that UFOs and the intelligent beings piloted them actually physically shaped the world at the seat of human civilization in the region – a civilization that would have quite an impact on the world even long after the pilots of these Vimanas left.