Cleopatra: Family Ties and Her Death

After Cleopatra died, she would become the last pharaoh of Egypt since Rome took over the lands. While called Cleopatra for short, she was actually Cleopatra VII. In this article, you will also learn the tale behind her death and a couple of theories as to why such an outcome took place. Other trivia and facts include a mentioning of her siblings”¦.

Mark Antony committed suicide and Cleopatra soon followed in his footsteps. However, some will argue that it was not the death of her love that prompted this decision, but the fact that she was unwilling to allow her captors to parade her about Egypt and Rome as a shameful prisoner. Legend has it that she had two asps (snakes) hiding in a basket filled with figs. She supposedly grasped one of the snakes and held it to her breast, where a bite filled her body with poison. Also , the choice to use an asp as her method of suicide came from the Egyptian religious belief that snakebite deaths ensured immortality.

Some people believe that Cleopatra did not die from the bite of an asp, but instead applied a toxic ointment to her skin. Cleopatra was 30 years old when she took her life.

Cleopatra was known and respected for adopting the typical beliefs of the Egyptians. She also showed an interest in the deities of the Egyptian culture. Her patron goddess was Isis, and as a result , supporters viewed her as the reincarnation and embodiment of this goddess, who was associated with great wisdom.

Cleopatra’s family had embraced the customs of Egypt (such as pharaohs marrying their kin), however , many do not know that Cleopatra and her family were actually Macedonians who had traveled to Egypt at the same time as Alexander the Great.

While you hear about the brothers that Cleopatra had, did you know that she also had two older sisters , Cleopatra VI (who is believed to have died while still a youngster) and Berenice (who was beheaded by the request of their father). A younger sister by the name of Arsinoe would later grow up to actually challenge Cleopatra for control of the throne, but would later lose this challenge.

It is said that Cleopatra wrapped herself in a Persian carpet that was presented to Caesar by her servants. When they unrolled the present, she fell out. Legend has it that this stunt pleased Caesar and she immediately became his mistress. Nine months passed from this first meeting and she gave birth to a son. Soon after, Caesar would leave behind the notion of annexing Egypt and changed his mind to supported Cleopatra’s claim to the throne. After a brief civil war , Ptolemy XIII drowned in the Nile and it was Caesar who restored Cleopatra to her throne. Her younger brother, Ptolemy XIV became her new co-ruler.

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