Crossraguel Abbey- Craignethan Castle

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Sometimes, it is great to have friends in high places, especially when it comes to the construction of a castle. However, if you upset the wrong person , you may end up like the former owner of Craignethan Castle, located in Lanark, South Lanarkshire.

Orphir Round Church

The Orphir Round Church located at Stromness, Orkney Islands was located on the Mainland of the islands and allows viewers to take in the only circular church in Scotland to survive today. With a dedication to St Nicholas, this structure was constructed during the first part of the 12th century.

Crossraguel Abbey

The Crossraguel Abbey, located at Maybole, South Ayrshire, was founded somewhere between 1244 and 1286 , the handiwork of Earl Duncan of Carrick. It is known that in 1244, Bishop William of Glasgow was placed in charge of the construction of a Cluniac monastery, but it wasn’t until 1286 that the first abbot was entered into record. The majority of the original church was rebuilt, as it suffered a great deal of damage when war broke out in England during the early part of the 1300s. All of this took place when the abbey pledged its allegiance to a local named Robert Bruce. Throughout the 16th century, the gatehouse and tower house was constructed. Later on in the 16th century, the abbey endured the ups and downs of history , quite an accomplishment for a monastery thriving during the Reformation. At that time, it was commonplace for such sites to have suffered great damage and destruction.

Craignethan Castle

In Lanark, South Lanarkshire, Sir James Hamilton (a dear friend of King James V) started on the construction of Craignethan Castle in 1531. Hamilton benefited from his friendship with the King, as he was given access to some of the best masons that Scotland could offer. There is no doubt that this helped to uplift the design and structure of the castle. However, the tide turned and by 1540, Sir James was not looked upon as a good friend of the King. He was accused of treason and later executed. In the end, possession of the castle went to the royal family.

Over the years, the castle has seen many different guests, including Mary Queen of Scots, who briefly stayed following her escape from Loch Leven Castle. At the time, she was a guest of Lord Claude Hamilton, who would later help her army during the battle that took place at Langside. Unfortunately, they suffered defeat and the castle became the property of Moray as Regent. When the 17th century rolled around, the Covenanter Andrew Hay purchased the castle and in 1665, he constructed a house that resided in the southwest corner of the courtyard.

Barry Hill

Barry Hill is located at Alyth, Perthshire, where the ruined inner wall of this timber-based fort displays a 35-feet thickness and an area that spans 200 feet by 120 feet. Surrounding the primary wall is a second structure that measures 50 feet thick and rises into the air 12 feet into the sky. This site is also home to  few other ramparts situated in the north and west of the fort.