Important Ancient Greek Gods

With the remake of ‘The Clash of the Titans,’ these types of movies show that we still have an interest and love for the ancient Greek gods. These deities were worshipped for the various ‘powers’ they possessed. For example, women looked for guidance from Hera, who was considered the protector of marriage. In this article, you will learn the ins and outs of the infamous ancient Greek gods who lived on the top of Mount Olympus.


Known as the God of the Sky, Zeus was married to the most beautiful goddesses (Hera) and yet, found it necessary to seek the companionship from mistresses. He wound up producing a great deal of offspring , some of which have become famous characters in some of the most popular Greek myths, such as Heracles, who his wife Hera, had an extremely hard time accepting.


Tormented by the love she felt for her husband Zeus. Hera was the Queen of the Gods, but her husband had a weakness for nymphs and was constantly bedding mistresses , who would later give birth to children that received the wrath of the angry queen. Heracles received the worst of the goddesses’ frustrations. Many myths center on the wicked things she attempted to do to her stepson. Ironically, Hera is known as the protector of marriage.


Known for her beauty and connection with love, Aphrodite was the goddess most associated with romance. She was often referred to as the daughter of Zeus, but there are other tales that state otherwise. It was believed that Aphrodite had magical powers that could create love between two individuals.


With a weakness for Aphrodite, Ares was not only the god of warfare, but he also represented all of the horrors of battle, including slaughter, battles, the sacking of cities, and rebellion. He also stood for manly qualities and courage. As the son of Zeus and Hera, the above qualities did not place him in a favorable light with his parents.


Because of his associations with many everyday concerns, Apollo , the god of the Sun , was rather important. Equipped with the Sun, his lyre, and a bow, the god used various tools of his trade. As ruler of the Muses and connections to the arts, the god was linked to poetry, music, and other artistic endeavors. He was the son of Zeus and Leto, and was the twin brother of Artemis , better known as the huntress.

Other gods and goddesses who called Mount Olympus their home include:

Poseidon: The god of the sea (and horses) was known as an ‘earth shaker’ and is associated with the presence of earthquakes. Poseidon is brother to Zeus and Hades, and is the father of many children.

Hermes: Serving as messenger to the gods, Hermes stood for the god of boundaries, and was responsible for travelers who cross them. He was also associated shepherds, athletes, weights and measures, inventions, and the smartness of thieves and liars.

Hestia: The goddess of the home and hearth, Hestia was a virginal goddess who was associates with the domestic life and centered her attentions to the family. Whenever there was a sacrifice associated with the household, it was Hestia that received the first offering.