Introducing Corinth , the Greek City-State of Trade

Since the ancient Greek city-state of Corinth was located in a coastal region, they took advantage of plenty of cultural and trade opportunities. In the ancient Greek world, Corinth earned a great deal of respect as a city-state that contributed a lot to the advancement of culture, art, literature, and business.  In this article, you will learn more about the government and people of Corinth, including the education of young boys.

While Sparta followed an oligarchy and Athens dabbled in democracy, the people of Corinth established a monarchy, which means that the land was ruled by a king. With the help of many advisors, the government of Corinth was able to provide numerous solutions for the issues that cities of today still face. For instance, Corinth was plagued by unemployment at one time. Corinth came up with the plan to establish a sweeping public works program that was rather successful in its day.

People found work that solved other issues that the city had to deal with, such as constructing new aqueducts that would aid in providing additional outlets for drinking water. When foreign money started to appear throughout the city-state, Corinth created its own collection of coins. They even made a profit, demanding that traders had to exchange their coins for Corinth’s coinage at a bank established in the city. They charged a fee for this service. It was ideas like this that gave the Corinthians a good reputation when it came to money.

While Corinthian schools educated their boys in the arts and sciences, they did not compare to the education that Athenian boys received. As kids, they received an education that started at home, but when they turned around seven years old, they were sent to a day school located close to the home. It was here that they learned the ins and outs of drama, poetry, writing, math, science, accounting, reading, and playing the flute. If the child belonged to a family of great wealth, then they were sent to a school that provided higher education. All boys were also expected to enter military school for at least two years.

3 Facts About Ancient Corinth

1.    Legend has it that the city-state was founded by Corinthos, who is noted as a descendant of the god Helios (the Sun). Another myth are attached to the existence of the ancient city, including ties to a goddess named Ephyra, who was the daughter of Oceanus (a titan).

2.    Just before the end of the Mycenaean period, the Dorians got the bright idea to make a home in Corinth. The first time they attempted to settle, the effort failed. However, the second time around proved successful , thanks to their leader Aletes who traveled an alternate route , leaving from Antirio and leading the Dorians around the Corinthian Gulf.

3.    Controlling the trade in western Mediterranean was essential for the wealth of Corinth to continue. During the late 6th century, the Corinthians attempted to maintain their authority over the commercial practices in the region by acting as a mediator between Athens, Thebes and Sparta when conflicts emerged.