Is Earth Gearing Up for a Reset?

When watching the headlines of today and analyzing the different sources of concern in all areas of change – be they political, social, or economical – it seems there is a common theme that we may be coming to the end of something and waiting to see what emerges on the other side.  But this is not just a common perception socially, but also in the ways in which world governments are behaving.  And so we have to wonder whether this is just a common coincidence or there is some deeply rooted knowledge that such an event will happen in our near future.

The world has always been changing, and there’s no mystery to that.  Since the time when societies first arose they have been contending with the threat of complete change and breakdown since the beginning.  But the future of the world’s political arena seems exaggerated even by the most conservative standards.  When revolution hit Egypt earlier this year it seemed the beginning of something bigger – and it was.  When Earthquakes hit Chile on February 27, of 2010 the general assertion was that this was only the beginning – and it was.  And the world financial crisis, which some analysts were suggesting would be over by the beginning of 2011 has only deepened in the same amount of time.  And while UFO sightings have held steady both in number and their boldness, strangely ghost sightings have anecdotally increased according to researchers and investigators – as though a spiritual veil were being lifted between another world and our own.

So what is the reason behind this increase in activity worldwide, and how are those in charge reacting?  There is an entire spiritual movement seen online and out in the publishing industry of 2012 that suggests we may be looking at a deep change that will leave no one unaffected.  Some have even come forward in the media with incredible images of the end of the world.  Politically people have begun polarizing views that have resulted in a systematic clamping down on expression and the foundations of our system.

But why is it all happening now?  What will historians point to that will say ultimately brought us into whatever world we will soon be living in?  There are many theories, but chief among them are two possibilities.  On the one hand technologists are pointing to an “atheist’s rapture” wherein technology and consciousness operate as one and allow free association of consciousness and the soul from one individual to another turning what was once a group mentality derived from polarizing viewpoints against an opponent into something far more peaceful – but at the cost of all notions of individuality.  The other is a cosmic shift, instead mathematically analyzing events throughout history and suggesting there is a vibration to them that is greater than any individual’s response to their environment.  This second notion is precisely what may be unfolding before our very eyes.

And if the second scenario turns out to be the case, then there need not be any centralized conspiracy pushing the agenda forward.  It may simply be free associations of individuals making choices in their own environments heavily influenced by a force that is older than time and possibly even more important.