Kings and Queens of Old Scotland

When it comes to the Kings and Queens of Old Scotland , there are plenty of notable historical characters to recognize throughout the years. In this article, you will encounter the likes of Corbredus and Aidanus, as well as learn why the Standing Stones of Torhouse hold historical ancient significance.

Corbredus (Galdus) , 76

Corbredus is best known as the Caledonian chief who battled against Agricola on Mons Graupius and is associated with the Standing Stones of Torhouse , a circle of 19 boulders made of granite situated on the land of Torhouse (located three miles west of Wigtown, Scotland). Historians believe that the standing stones are actually a Druid Circle (used as a temple or a court of law), local legend has it that it is the site of Galdus’s Tomb, who is revered for fighting off the Romans in 80 AD. He has also been given credit for becoming the source of Galloway’s county name.

The central stones of Torhouse is said to mark the actual final resting place of Galdus with three standing stones to the north of the road that are thought to signify the burial sites of three of Galdus’s generals who lost their lives while in battle with him. Close by , several other features have been associated with the marked burial sites of his common soldiers.

Aidanus , 574

The son of Gabran was crowned King of Dalraida (which was part of Scotland) by Saint Columba in 574. The man died in 606. Some believe that he was the father of Arthurius , the King of the Scots , who is often thought of as the King Arthur of Camelot legend.

Cineadh Cerr , 607

Also known as “Kenneth the left-handed” , this king would reign over Dalraida for the period of three months. Unfortunately, he lost his life while in battle , trying to prevent invaders from the South from compromising his people.

Arthurius , 608

As the King of the Scots , it was he who is the man connected to the numerous legends of King Arthur of Camelot. His end was supposedly met when he died in battle in 632.

Domnall Breac , 632

Killed in battle at Strathcarron in 642 , this man served as the King of Dalraida.

Fearchar Fada , 646

Fearchar Fada was also called “Farquhar the tall” and served as a chief to the clan Baedan rather than hold the title of a king. Before passing away in 697, he brought a couple of children into the world. His son, Ainbceallach would later meet his death by the hands of his brother in 719 AD.