Know Your Pyramid Sites 1

Although the Great Pyramid is the most well known out of all the pyramids, there are several sites throughout Egypt that possess a wide-range of pyramids. With each pyramid, various kings are honored, including King Tut and King Zoser.


Abu Rawash


Here is where you will encounter one of the most northerly-situated pyramids in all of Egypt. It is beaten only by the ruins of the Lepsius pyramid, which is considered one of the most ruined of all pyramids. It was built in honor of Djedefre, who was the son, as well as successor of Khufu.




This pyramid site can be found on the outer southern parts of Cairo. This is where you will encounter the Pyramid of Khufu, which has been famously dubbed the “Great Pyramid” or “Pyramid of Cheops.” Khufu was the second pharoah to take command during the Fourth Dynasty. At this location, the smaller limestone and granite pyramid site dedicated to Khafre (also referred to as Kephren) can also be found. This is a popular spot to visit when you are in the mood to encounter a variety of pyramid sites. The Pyramid of Menkaure is also positioned within Giza, which was built to hold to tomb of the Fourth Dynasty leader.


Various smaller pyramids dot the area, as well as the coveted Great Sphinx, which depicts a half-human Sphinx. It is considered to be one of the largest single-stone statues located on Earth. It is thought to date back to the 3rd millennium BC.


Zawyet el’ Aryan


Located between Giza and Abu Sir, this particular site offers a glimpse at two unfinished pyramid structures dating back to the Old Kingdom days. The northern structure is thought to be for the Pharoah Nebka, while the southern pyramid was meant for Pharoah Khaba, who ruled during the Third Dynasty. He was also known as Hudjefa, who eventually succeeed Sekhemkhet. Khaba is thought to have ruled for only four short years, thus the explanation for his unfinished tomb structure.


Abu Sir


When visiting this site, you will find there are seven pyramids located at this destination. During the Fifth Dynasty, this location served as the primary final resting place of many members of the royal family. At this site, you can view the less-than-desirable construction attempts, which pale in comparison to the Fourth Dynasty structures. When analyzing these changes, one may decipher that this marks a lessening of the respect for the royal powers. Another theory surrounds the thought that the economy may have decreased during this shift. These pyramids are smaller than earlier structures. The limestone is also of a lesser quality.


The three main pyramids at this site includes the one built for Niuserre, who may have ruled for close to 45 years, although there is speculation to the validity of this claim. This pyramid appears to have withstood the most damage throughout the years. Another pyramid that can be found here belongs to Neferirkare Kakai and Sahure, who was the second king to rule during the Fifth Dynasty. An incomplete pyramid built for Neferefre is also located at Abu Sir. He may have ruled for one year or twenty years, depending on whose records you refer to.