Know Your Pyramids: Saqqara & Dahshur

Continuing the exploration in the many different pyramid sites that can be found throughout Egypt, this article presents the details surrounding such as like Saqqara and Dahshur. Some of these pyramids serve as a few of the oldest stone buildings in the world.




There are a few major pyramids that can be found at this location. For starters, the Step Pyramid of Djozer is situated at this site. It is considered to be the oldest stone building of monumental design throughout the world. Djozer is one of the most well known of the pharaohs that thrived throughout the Third Dynasty. If you pay a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, you will find the oldest life-size statue of an Egyptian. This statue depicts Djozer, where a plaster copy can be viewed at the pyramid.


The Pyramid of Userkaf is also located in Saqqara. Userkaf is accredited with being the founder of the Fifth Dynasty. It was he who ordered the construction of a pyramid complex at this site. Egyptian tales states that he fathered two future pharaohs in his lifetime, where both succeeded the throne after his passing. As part of a pyramid complex, the Pyramid of Teti is here. You may overlook this historical gem because above the ground, it actually looks like a hill. The upkeep of the pyramid from the neck up has not been done very well, but underground is a much different story. Beneath the ground, there are various corridors and chambers that have been well preserved throughout the years.


It is also here where you will encounter one of the best-preserved pyramids in all of Egypt. It is called the Pyramid of Unas, which is named after the last king to rule during the Fifth Dynasty. Inside, the walls of this pyramid are decorated with various religious texts, which shed light on some of the history surrounding this intriguing, as well as mysterious ancient culture. It is believed that the end of the Fifth Dynasty occurred because it was Unas, who was unable to produce any sons to succeed him in the throne.




When it comes to Dahshur, historians will say that this is one another important location to explore the ancient pyramids of Egypt. This site is beaten only by the structures throughout Giza and Saqqara. It is in Dahshur that we find the Bent Pyramid, as well as the Red Pyramid, which marked a transition in the appearance and smooth-sided build of newer pyramids. These two pyramids were built during the time that Sneferu ruled, who was the father of Khufu. Sneferu is credited with created the start of the Fourth Dynasty.


In Dashur, the pyramid dedicated Amenemhat II, who was a king during the 12th Dynasty, can be located. Throughout the years, this gem has suffered a lot of damage. Although this site was heavily disturbed, various tombs of female members of the royal family were discovered. Fortunately, they hadn’t been disturbed, as seen with the many different jewelry pieces still intact. Dahshur is also the site for many different pyramids hailing from the 13th Dynasty, where many have been left untouched by researchers.