Lesser Known Ancient City Built Near UFO Hotspot

Generally when we see UFOs around the area just to the East of St. Louis it is attributed overwhelmingly to Scott Air Force Base.  But one thing often overlooked in the area is the Cahokia Mounds, a legendary ancient city somehow nestled amid the sprawling subdivisions and near major highways.  The Cahokia Mounds, as they are commonly called, are in themselves a major source of mystery in the area.  And it seems many of the major UFO sightings of the area in the early days of the new millennium were centered very near to them.  But the enigmas surrounding this ancient city don’t just stop there.

While the Cahokia mounds are certainly not a secret, they are an archaeological curiosity that is quite often overlooked.  Considering the city was built in an area and at a time where permanent structures were quite rare, the Cahokia mounds are often speculated about.  And the mystery doesn’t stop there.  Just beneath the epic Monk’s Mound deep in the soil at the base of the mound there are unidentified stone structures – structures which archaeologists attempted to dig up using drilling equipment.  Unfortunately, drilling for an archaeological find is not something that is easy to do.  As the drill approached the 43 foot mark, the drill bit at the end of the device picked up flecks of what appeared to be limestone – a rock that would have been no doubt carried from a great distance away to be quite as large as the core samples suggested.  But then when the equipment was removed and then taken away, archaeologists gave up on the venture.  It was suggested the objects beneath the  mound were not worth the excavation as any attempt to bring them up could endanger the structural integrity of the rest of the mound.  They were simply too large to move without destroying the massive mound.  And to look at the size of Monk’s Mound – the largest built in Cahokia – that’s saying quite a bit.

But there are other things to take away from this classic archaeological site.  The mounds are also near St. Louis and Scott Air Force Base, and the surrounding area including the highways nearest to Cahokia are considered in the midst of a periodical UFO hot-spot.  In 2000, for example, one of the largest UFO sightings in recorded history took place when multiple police officers and several other residents from the area spotted a massive triangular object zipping around from town to town only to soon after disappear just as mysteriously.  Is the real reason this strange object found itself in the area the Air Force Base?  Or could it have found some unfinished business related to these ancient and mysterious structures mere miles away?

For years there has been speculation that something incredibly strange is hidden beneath the Cahokia Mounds.  They are certainly not as famous as the ancient Mayan pyramids or Stone Henge, but they do have the same sort of mystical attachment when you visit there personally.  The sound of the howling wind is barely penetrated by the sounds of modern civilization as you reach the summit and wonder to yourself what the purpose of the structure is.  And there are some who even suggest the mounds were built to cover up some ancient artifact that had been left there centuries before.