Nine Facts About Biblical David

David is best known for defeating the giant called Goliath. Additional facts regarding this man, who is revered as one of the “Nine Worthies” is mentioned in this article, including a mentioning of family and the descendants he is responsible for bringing into the world.

2) David has relations with Bathsheba, who is referred to as the wife of Uriah the Hittite. As a result, Bathsheba becomes pregnant. David decides to send for Uriah, who is away with the Israelite army, tending to the siege of Rabbah. He hopes that Uriah will have relations with Bathsheba so that the identity of the child’s father will fall onto his shoulders. However, Uriah declines to come back while his fellow soldiers are still in the field. This causes David to become angry and sends Uriah back to the commander named Joab with instructors that Uriah is to be left abandoned on the battlefield. He wishes that Utiah is “struck down and die.” In the end, David takes Bathsheba as his wife and she gives birth to his child. However, all of these actions have “displeased” the Lord.

3) One of David’s favorite child (Absalom) later goes against his father. Absalom is in charge of his own army and comes in contact with the soldiers of David. As a result, the Wood of Ephraim battle ensues. During this time, Absalom finds himself caught by his hair in the branches of an oak tree. While hanging from the tree, it is David’s general, Joab that takes his life. As the news spreads of the victory, David is not joyful as he is overtaken with the sadness of losing his son. Upon learning of his death, he exclaims, “O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! Would I had died instead of you, O Absalom, my son, my son!”

4) In regards to Islamic tradition, David is referred to as Dawood, who is one of the prophets of Islam in which Allah reveals to Zabur (Psalms). Muslims are known to disregard the Biblical representation of Dawood (with his association with Uriah) as a murderer and one who commits adultery. All of this comes from the Islamic belief that regards prophets as full of righteousness. 

5) David’s father is Jesse, who is the son of Obed, who is the son of Boaz (rich landowner) associated with the tribe of Judah and Ruth the Moabite. This part of the story is told in depth within the pages of the Book of Ruth.

6) When taking a look at Ruth 4:18-22, you will encounter the full documentation of David’s blood line.

7) As an old man, David brought the breathtaking Abishag into his bed (for health reasons), but according to 1 Kings 1:1-4, he did not establish any intimate relations.

8) David produced at least one daughter, who he named Tamar , the offspring between him and Maachah. She was the full sister of Absalom (his most beloved son). Unfortunately, Tamar’s brother, Amnon later rapes her.

9) When it comes to art, the sculpture of David is one of the most famous works in history. His image has also been the subject of many other artists’ works, including Donatello (1430 , 1440); Andrea del Verrocchio (1476); Michelangelo (1504); Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1624); and Antonin Mercie (1873).

10) To date, it is known that David married eight different women, and history also tells us that he fathered other children outside of marriage by other women. The loves of his life include: Michal (the second daughter of King Saul); Abigail (once married to the wicked Nabal , who was described as being harsh in nature); Ahinoam (of Jezreel); Maachah (the daughter of Talmai , King of Geshur); Haggith; Abital (his fifth wife); and Eglah.