Olmecs is the name given by Aztecs to people living in the region of Tabasco and Veracruz during the past (between 300 BC to 700 BC). It means “people from the rubber regions”. Indeed, these two region contains lots of rubber trees. Furthermore, the Olmecs are known to have invented many rubber ball games such as the Jai Alai (similar to Squash). Olmec is an ancient civilization that haven’t been studied very well due to lack of evidence and some strong anomalies. They seem to be the first civilization of the South and Central America. They built complex cities with hydraulic systems and sewers. Their agriculture was elaborated. Their principal food was, like the other South-American civilizations, the corn. They were also smart mathematicians and very good astronomers. The Mayan calendar so famous because of its great precision (far better than our own) come from the Olmecs. In fact, the Date: December 21st 2012 corresponding to the end of the 6th world was guessed by the Olmecs and not by the Maya civilization.

Archaeological discoveries corresponding to the Olmecs have revealed several mysteries and enigmas. Many big sculptures of head have been found depicting Negroid faces. Some looks like the Egyptian Sphinx. Furthermore, some drawings in stones depict Caucasoid humans with white bear. Historians told us that no white or black men have ever come to the America continents before Christophe Coulomb. Some historians explain that it could be Phoenician who cross the Atlantic Ocean in the past with some of their black slaves and it influenced the art of the Olmecs. But it seems strange that these faces wear helmet (slaves don’t wear helmets). Olmec civilization, like Egyptian civilization appear suddenly structured with high technology. How is it possible? Maybe In the past African people and White people being technology advanced could cross the Atlantic and built cities there. It is interesting that the Olmec language as well as their writings look like very much as the language and writings found in West Africa. Also, Olmec language, as well as Maya language have many similarities with the Libyco-Berber language. Some archaeologists used these similarities to be able to translate Olmec and Maya language with more ease than any other. Olmecs disappear suddenly around 700 BC (maybe 400 BC). Maya, and then Aztec replace them afterward. All these civilization become very quickly developed technologically and socially. Does someone teach them how to be organized? Was it their gods?