Significant Moments in Ancient Greek History I – The Early Years

Throughout Greek history, there are plenty of significant moments that have occurred in ancient times that have led to great highs and lows. In this article, you will encounter the Bronze Age from the happenings associated with the Archaic Period, such as the rise of politics.

~ 6500-2900 BC , Neolithic Period: The domestication of plants and animals takes place, which allowed early inhabitants to establish settlements on a permanent basis.

~ 2900-2000 BC: Bronze Age , Early Aegean cultures begin to emerge.

~2500 BC: At this time, the Minoan civilization begins to develop.

~1930 BC: Crete is the site of the primary use of palaces.

~ 1400 BC: Unfortunately, a volcano is behind the destruction of Mycenae, which takes place on Thera.

1375-50 BC: Crete begins to show signs of Mycenaean customs.

~ 1200 BC: Around this time palaces in Crete and those located in Priam’s city at Troy (Ilium) is destroyed.

~ 1050-750 BC: Early Period , The west coast of Asia Minor becomes the site of the first Greek migration.

During this time, a handful of records have survived. Often times, you will find that this era is called the Dark Ages of Greece. Due to the failure of palace cultures, a lot of things changed for inhabitants. Monumental stone buildings were no more. Writing wasn’t as popular as it was. Trade that once thrived and was quite profitable crumbled. Inhabitants also abandoned the villages and towns found in the region. The overall population suffered and organization faltered in regards to kings, armies, officials, and any systems that once prospered at this time.

~ 850-700 BC: In the Aegean, specific cultures begin to progress in various regions. The notion of mythology starts to take shape and evolves into the foundation of what we know today. At this time, inhabitants are able to explore the alphabet that becomes associated with the Greek language.

776 BC: The first Olympic Games are held.

~ 750-700 BC: The treasured tales of the Iliad and the Odysseys are written by Homer, who would have a great deal of legends and tales attached to his existence.

~ 750-500 BC: Archaic Period , There comes a point in time where the Greeks most locate new land to cultivate their strides in agricultural success. All about the Mediterranean, city-states emerge as the main political units or ‘polis’ that is each ruled by a king and council.

735-700 BC: Sicily becomes the site of the first Greek colonies in history.

~ 730-710 BC: The First Messenian War takes place, were the Spartans are able to take over the southwest Peloponnese.

~ 700 BC: Euroia marks the site where the Lelantine war takes place.

In Part II of “Significant Moments in Ancient Greek History,” you will encounter important characters , like Anaximander , who made his mark by creating a rather significant tool of the time that is still greatly used today.