The Pyramid Equations Building Strategies

Dedicated to the proposition that the Great Pyramid is a rational (in the mathematical sense) structure, designed and built by normal people.  This is a radical statement about the Pyramid, especially on the internet because all web pages that I have been able to find that deal with the Pyramid, maintain that it was built and/or inspired by either God or space aliens. Most don’t even consider that it could be a rational structure designed and built by normal people.


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The Above is a page submitted to us on May 3rd, 2003. It is an excellent mathematical related equation page on the Pyramid dimensions and building strategies.  Perhaps these Math tactics were used in construction of the Great Pyramids, But this doesn’t rule out Aliens Teaching Egyptians Proper Building Strategies.  Or maybe this Awesome find, is the Mathematical  equations Used by the aliens when thy aliens built the Great Pyramids.

Either Way,  Its an excellent read, and a nice piece of evidence to add to Unexplainable.net‘s  Archive Of Information.