The Quest for Truth: Mysteries, Enigmas and the Unexplained

The deeper we begin to delve into the unexplained, the more questions we find, and the more we begin to realise that common threads link these mysteries in ways we had never anticipated.

The best way to see where connections lie is to have as many pieces of the puzzle in front of you. In an effort to do that, ThothWeb has taken the step of creating a free downloadable e-book called

“The Quest for Truth: Mysteries, Enigmas and the Unexplained”.

The book itself is a compendium of 80 in-depth articles that relate to all aspects of the unexplained from Bigfoot sightings to UFOs. The 400 page, fully illustrated book has been created by our own writers and where possible, illustrated by ThothWeb’s own artists.

The Quest for Truth concentrates on several areas of the paranormal, starting by examining famous ghosts and vampires, before moving on to alternative history and archaeology where it explores a range of fascinating subjects such as ancient astronauts, anomalous skulls and lost cities.

UFOs are also covered in some detail, including records of their appearance in ancient Egypt, their overlap with top secret spy planes and even the possibility of there being alien bases on the moon.

Exclusive articles that look at Bigfoot, werewolves and even the connection between the Mothman and the Highgate vampire are also featured in the book.

In the conspiracy section, issues such as the CIA’s covert activities and the death of Princess Diana are just two of the many topics covered.

Determined to cover all aspects of the unexplained, including spirituality, the book also devotes sections to the tarot and other forms of divination, meditation, dream analysis, reincarnation, reiki, auras and more.

The purpose of the book is simple: to create a completely free e-book that brings together aspects of the unknown, which ThothWeb deal with on a daily basis, and make them accessible to everyone, at no cost.

The book has been added to ThothWeb’s Downloads section as a zip file which members can download completely free of charge. If you are not currently a member, it only takes a moment to complete the registration process, so no one with a real interest in the unexplained need miss out this opportunity.

To download the book visit ThothWeb at  www.thothweb.com