Understanding Ascension by Understanding History

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Human beings live in a reflection of the past. New and ancient teachings reveal that manifestation into the physical realm comes from the thought field/feeling of something trapped in our subconscious mind. For example, if you were taught to esteem yourself as a child, the rest of your life will reflect that solidity and love. But if you are not, likewise, your life will reflect a harsher reality – somewhat like the reality of violence and chaos we see in the world today.

Because we live in a life that is a reflection and this moment is build from past karma and beliefs, he who denies access to the truth of the past will control the future.

Since the time of Adam and Eve the true facts of ancient history have been distorted to support the grand illusion humans live under. Humanity’s true heritage has been ruthlessly subverted for thousands of years.

To those able to leap beyond tall fallacies, denial and misconceptions in a single bound, the ‘missing link’ is looking more and more like alien intervention. According to archaeologists and ancient writings scholars, about 12,000 years ago rogue extraterrestrial mating created a very confused ‘us.’ Reality is a fax of the facts: an out picturing of what is inside us. 

Are there enough people who can see through the deception? I believe
the only way to create a counter force for positive change is by
accepting the difficult facts that homo sapien was a result of advanced
being intervention. By not knowing our real heritages it keeps people
hypnotized by false versions of history and distortion of time
and light making this the realm of the dimly lit.

How can we build a great future on a base of corruption and untruth? We cannot. Now more than ever, humanity needs to understand the truth of its heritage. We need freedom from the bonds of misperception about who and what we really are.

Some great writings on the subject are by Paul Von Ward who wrote, “Gods, Genes and Consciousness” and “From the Ashes of Angels” by Andrew Collins. I believe understanding  where distortion comes from can lead to a much brighter future and the ability to live in the correct ‘currency.’