Who is Chilo?

In this article, you will encounter details on Chilo , a member of the Seven Sages of Greece, who has an interesting legend attached to his death. A brief introduction to the rest of the sages, as well as a mentioning of quotes and phrases linked to Chilo and the other Seven Sages of Greece.

Chilo (560 BC)

In Greece, there was a group of wisdom-filled individuals who were known as the Seven Sages of Greece. Chilon of Sparta (or Chilo of Sparta) was a Lacedarmonian. He was referred to as an ephor, which means that during Classical Greek times, he was an official of ancient Sparta. Each year, five ephors were elected and were sworn in each month.

Their duties would involve upholding the rule of the two Kings of Sparta, while the kings concentrated on upholding the law. In history, he is also known as becoming the first individual to have introduced the custom of joining the ephors to the kings in an attempt to fulfill the need for counselors.

When it came to composing verses, it is believed that Chilo had 200 under his belt. His teachings were also quite influential and would last throughout the start of the 6th century BC. One legend attached to his existence states that he dies of joy in the arms of his son after viewing him win a prize at one of the Olympic games. He left behind a multitude of sayings, including:

“Do not speak evil of the dead.”

“Be more prompt to go to a friend in adversity than in prosperity.”

“Honor old age.”

“Prefer punishment to disgraceful gain; for the one is painful but once, but the other for one’s whole life.”

“Do not laugh at a person in misfortune.”

“If one is strong be also merciful, so that one’s neighbors may respect one rather than fear one.”

“Prefer a loss to dishonest gain; the one brings pain at the moment, the other for all time.”

“Learn how to regulate one’s own house well.”

“Do not let one’s tongue outrun one’s sense.”

“Restrain anger.”

“Do not dislike divination.”

“Do not desire what is impossible.”

“Do not make too much haste on one’s road.”

“Obey the laws.”

Who Were the Other Sages of Greece?

The title given to seven wise Greek men who were notable philosophers, lawmen, and statesmen was called the Seven Sages (of Greece). At the time that Chilo of Sparta was given the honor of this title, he joined the following great men of Greece: Solon of Athens; Thales of Miletus; Bias of Priene; Pittacus of Mytilene; Cleobulus of Lindos; and Periander of Corinth.

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