Keenan Case Against Office Of International Treasury Control Verified! UNOITC

If you are not aware of the story, apparently we are awaiting arrests of the Illuminati who control us.

If your unfamiliar, see some past articles for more background info: HERE

As Neil Keenan files cases and places Liens against Federal Banks, US troops are ready to move in.  But there was a part that I was unimpressed with.

I was plagued by the fact that the United Nations Chartered Office Of International Treasury Control (OITC) website is HORRIBLY designed.  The design was SO BAD that I doubted the entire story.  I kept saying-  “Seriously??”  You expect me to believe a UNITED NATIONS CHARTERED Division designed this site?  It was ALMOST enough for me to disregard the whole thing as hogwash.
But I wasn’t satisfied with the answer.  So I emailed a personal contact with the original Keenan court case letter and asked them to see if it was real. My contact came back with a REAL COURT DOCKET.  Apparently Keenan’s case is REAL. I verified it myself and have the latest docket as of today!  If you want to download them yourself- The Latest Ones-  I have the PDF’s posted on this page-  Neil Keenan Dragon Family Court Docket 4/17/2012

Here’s my Video Of The Verification And A Little On The OITC


The OITC is a defendant, therefore a tool of the illuminati (Kabal)- The OITC was used to extort money from Cambodia, Ecuador, and probably other places. But since it has so high security clearance requirements, no one even knows it exists. So in the public eye, they tarnish the name and make it look like a joke.  The poorly designed website is intentional to draw attention and discredit their own organization!

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