Keenan Case Judge Is Obama’s Economic Advisors Brother!

I was going over yesterday’s court dockets. Now we know it’s true!!!!  Mass arrests are coming..  It appears Barak Obama’s Economic Advisor’s Brother Was Appointed With Unanimous Consent On February 15, 2012 to take the Federal Court District Seat.  Now He Has Been Appointed To Judge The Keenan Case!

Download the Dockets HERE- https://www.unexplainable.net/benjamin-fulford/neil-keenan-case-gets-assigned-a-new-judge.php

We know 100% Jesse M. Furman has been appointed to judge the case.  Now look at who Furman is… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_M._Furman

1. Jesse M. Furman was nominated by Obama for the district court seat.

2. On February 15, 2012 by unanimous consent, vitiated the cloture vote on the nomination and agreed to a final vote on the nomination.

3. On February 17, 2012, the United States Senate confirmed Furman in a 62,34 vote. He received his commission the same day.

4. The Case Against The Cabal is Transferred To Him

The Cabal Assigned Their Own Inside Judge To The Case!