The End Of The Federal Reserve May Start The Golden Age

We Will Be Updating This Page With Bullet-Points As Events Unfold

Last Update 4/24/2012 – Link added to bottom

Here we are in April of 2012- Were ALL watching to see what the main event will be.  What crazy events are about to unfold? Seems like an interesting start so far……..

In the early months of 2012, the Sun started shooting off X flares, and Nice size M flares. We actually had an Earth-Facing X which pounded us. There is a grave possibility that the Sun will play a HUGE part in the surprises to come. Possibly wiping out the power grids or worse.

As we watch the skies, another case that was in the background being drowned by internet static starts to take the spotlight and come alive. The Neil F. Keenan & White Dragon Families Case. (A Real Court Case. Docs Below).

Neil F. Keenan and Royal Asian Bloodline Families are going after The Cabal, United Nations, International Treasury Control (OITC), and Ambassadors around the world. They are trying to bring down the Illuminati. Keep in mind- this is 1 case of several.

This is a play by play of the events in the Neil F. Keenan Case and Ben Fulford Reports. These cases will tie history together and be part of the GREAT UNVEILING OF 2012.  You Don’t Want To Miss It!

Faction 1:  <— Needs To End Before The Golden Age Can Start. It is FINALLY Apparent To Everyone That The USA Government and The United Nations Are Infected At It’s Core With Lucifer Worshipers Who Are In Control.

Some of Faction 1’s Main Players Are:

1. The Privately Owned Federal Reserve Who Is Above ALL Laws

2. The Rothschild / Rockefeller Power Grip On The World

3. The Office Of International Treasury Control (O.I.T.C)

4. Ambassadors and Prime Ministers Around The World

5. The List Can Go On For Hundreds Of Pages- You Get The Idea


  • The Federal Reserve Received Trillions Of Kilos of Gold From Asian Dragon Families In Exchange For US Bonds
  • China Feared Japan Would Attack and Steal Their Gold – So China Gave The Fed Gold for Bonds
  • China Tried To Collect on the Bonds- The Federal Reserve Did NOT Make Good On Cashing The Bonds
  • International Courts of Hague Ruled AGAINST the Federal Reserve
  • It Was Ruled The Gold Was To Be Returned To China By September 12,  2001 
  • One Day Before The Deadline We Have 911 Attacks and The War On Terror Begins
  • 2008 / 2009-  $134.5 BILLION In Bonds Try To Get Cashed In A Swiss Bank. BUSTED..  The Federal Reserve Was Setup By The Dragon Families
  • 2008 Bubble Crash- Recession Starts House Market Crashes, Etc
  • 2008 OITC Website Looked Like A Professional United Nations Website (Use Wayback Machine)
  • 2009 OITC Trashed The Website After This Bond Scandal Surfaced To Discredit The Story
  • 2009 The Bond Scandal Appears On Mainstream News But Quickly Hushed
  • 2008 – Current:  BILLIONS & BILLIONS & BILLIONS Given to The Bankers in BAILOUTS
  • WARS WARS WARS To Force Other Countries To Keep Taking The FIAT American Dollars
  • 4/2012 Liens filed against ALL 12 federal Reserve Banks Through Admiralty Hearings

  • Unexplainable.Net Forwards Witness and Possible Evidence To Keenan’s Lawyer- We Spoke to Keenan via email and much of this was verified.

  • 4/15/2012 Time Frame- USA Military  Searching For Royal Gold In Spratly Islands- Blowing Up WW2 Bunkers
  • 4/19 We Learned Hillary Clinton Misses Nuclear Conference In Turkey To Party In Columbia .  Israel is LIVID..
  • 4/19 We learned United Nations is under investigation
  • Leon Panetta (Defense Secretary) Was Told He Is NOT In Charge Of The Military
  • Panetta’s last words were “The War Is On”

  • Mass Arrests Are Now Planned To Take Place Methodically One At A Time
  • 14 Lives Have Been Lost In These Current Operations.
  • Benjamin Fuldord confirmed that a group of elite report directly to “Celestial Beings”

Faction 2: <— Has Long Awaited These Times.  They Wish To FLOOD The World With GOLD And Give The Worlds Control Back To The People.


  • The Asian Royal Bloodlines have 10x More Gold Than The Federal Reserve Even Claims Is In Existence
  • The Feds Wont Let This Gold Into Their Fractional Reserve Banking System
  • Once The Federal Reserve Is Removed From Power and the Gold is Returned, Faction 2 Will Pay All USA Debt Off
  • Once The Feds Fall, Over 6,000 Classified Patents Will Be Released. (Free Energy, etc)
  • These New Technologies Will End Fossil Fuel / Oil Burning, Repair the Environment, and Stop World Hunger
  • No Institutions of The Government Will Be Privately Owned
  • If The Feds Go Down- The Golden Age Can Reign

Download The Court Dockets As of 4/17/2012  Dragon Doc  & OITC Doc

PS. These Points are just a small skimp of the injustice that has been done. Make sure to read the full articles. This is the BIGGEST STORY you have EVER HEARD. I PROMISE.

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4/24- Insider Drake Bailey Confirms Mortgages Will Be Forgiven In USA + So much more incredible information about the new system being rolled out.