Updated Keenan Case Docket + New Judge Assigned

Regarding The Benjamin Fulford Claims Of Mass Arrests of Bankers We got our hands on today’s latest Court Docket for the Neil Keenan Case.  Apparently the judge has been reassigned.

Originally the case was assigned to Judge Howell  BUT According to the Docket filed as of TODAy April 17th 2012, the case has been assigned to:  Judge Jesse M. Furman.

New 4/18- Furman is the brother of President Obama’s Economic Advisor! WOW

See Dockets Of Today- As of 4/17/2012

Dragon Document  <—  PDF


Be Assured- The Case Is REAL- That much I Verified Myself.

If you have not been informed of the Keenan case, please see the Benjamin Fulford SAGA section. We will publish updates there as we get them.

Time To Be JUDGED By The System You Built