Winston Shrout Discusses The Federal Reserve Bond Scandal

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Neil F. Keenan sent us this interview to share with those following the story
that can end the Financial Tyranny. This show covers tons of great information
about the Federal Reserve Bond Scandal that will end the operations of the world
as we know it.

Listen to it here:


End the Lie Radio with Madison Ruppert and guests,
Winston Shrout and Keith Francis Scott, the two technical people working with
Neil Keenan and others to bring down financial tyranny through a ground breaking
lawsuit and other methods. A wide variety of issues will be covered, all of
which will be eye opening to say the least and of utmost importance to all

Winston Shrout is an educator who specializes in commercial remedies and
legal processes. He has been doing seminars all around the world sharing his
unique understanding of commerce and law. He is now an adviser to Neil Keenan on
commercial matters.

Keith Scott was Chief of Cabinet of the Office of International Treasury
Control for 14 years and has an extensive understanding of the global accounts
and the use of these accounts which the general public knows nothing of. Keith
has taught Neil Keenan much about these accounts and this is why the case has
taken the direction it has.