UK Woman Visited by Horrifying Creature

When we look out our windows first thing in the morning we generally expect to know what we’re going to see.  But when one UK woman took a look outside her window in Hale County she was shocked to see not a normal cat or dog, but a mystery.  Unidentified animals in the UK are nothing new, but this one sounds like something that could have walked straight from some of the old world’s older legends.

It all started when Sue Langham looked outside and spotted a strange creature sitting very near her house’s entrance last Monday.  The creature was almost doglike, except for its head which was more like that of a fox.  Additionally, its body was described as different from a normal dog, but rather much more muscular.  According to a report by the Messenger, the creature was making a sound much like a strangled wolf.  Having seen dogs and foxes in the area before, she did not know what to think, but described her reaction as shocked.  And this isn’t the first time something strange has been spotted in Hale.

Stories of witnesses finding something unusual near their house in the early hours of morning are not unheard of.  Earlier this year a report from the Mutual UFO Network described a more fantastic story.  The account came from one woman who reported spotting an unexplained anthropomorphic entity standing on her back porch as she was standing out getting a cup of morning coffee and taking in the gentle morning breeze.  She reported that the creature transmitted thoughts to her and said it was not going to harm her.  After it left and disappeared around the corner, she found herself watching in horror as its head suddenly appeared once again around the corner along with a hand that slid along the wall toward her.  Needless to say, she has since been enjoying her coffee indoors.

And other witnesses have reported seeing unexplained occurrences as they first step out into the morning air.  These accounts don’t seem to have any connection to one another aside from the fact that they happen in the early morning and leave the witnesses with a sense that something very unusual had just happened.  But imagine how different these experiences must be first thing in the morning.  There’s very little that could make a morning seem to get off on the wrong foot than suddenly realizing that you’ve witnessed something no one will be able to understand.  The very question of whether or not an experience like this should be shared is enough to give most people a considerable headache.

But what many witnesses find when they do share their accounts is that some are willing to listen, particularly as long as the subjective elements of the story are kept in mind, such as the possibility that some of what was witnessed may have been difficult to recall or happened too quickly to see.

One of the interesting things about this most recent story is how much similarity it shares with other legends from England’s past where monsters would often share characteristics of multiple different types of creatures rolled into one horrifying form.