180-Year-Old New Mexico Haunted Hotel

Asking the West Coast Ghost and Paranormal Society (WCGAPS) to investigate their property, artist Josh Bond is the proud owner of the Old Cuchillo Bar located in southern New Mexico. The adobe building is about 180 years old and its history is quite colorful. In this article, you will learn more about this site, as well as why Mr. Bond would need an investigation completed at his establishment.

Hearing odd whispers is not the only thing that concerns Josh Bond about his property. For no apparent reason, objects have a habit of falling off of the shelves. He’s even had a strange voice whisper in his ear. When Bond caught sight of an ad regarding the WCGAPS , a nonprofit organization based in Phoenix , he believed he might have found an answer to his problems.

With the help of scientific deduction and other techniques, WCGAPS has been going strong for about two years, headed by Andy Rice , who has a history of after investigating more than 200 supposed hauntings over the course of 13 years. It is his group that sheds light on the mysteries that plague their clients. Not to be mistaken with ghost hunting, the WCGAPS is concerned with identifying the problems that can cause one to believe they have ghosts in their home or business.

Most times, ghost sightings and hauntings are dismissed by the WCGAPS as “electromagnetic radiation, thin walls, faulty wiring, lights from passing cars” or other common circumstances. In the end, the group has found close to 5% of investigations where they couldn’t attribute any of the above causes to strange happenings.

Tackling issues dealing with the paranormal, the WCGAPS is booked solid through the month of July. Usually serving the Southwest, the group was intrigued by the historical significance of the Cuchillo property. Dating back to 1830, the Old Cuchillo Bar once served as a stagecoach stop. In the past, the site saw the unloading and transport of wagon supplies to nearby mines located in Winston and Chloride.

Measuring 5,000 square feet, the property at one time supported a trading post, stables, mercantile, post office, hotel and saloon. Poker parties are said to have taken place on the premises. In more recent times, wedding and baby showers were also held on the site. Over the years, the uses have changed as much as the population, which was once a hearty 2,000 residents. Today, about 35 residents claim Cuchillo as their home.

Bond, an artist that specializes in metal sculptures and home furnishings, purchased the property in 2006. Already completed, Bond established a 3-bedroom vacation rental or artist retreat. He hopes to revamp the old saloon into a microbrewery. When asked if he really thinks the property is haunted, Bond is skeptical. He has gone by the thought that everything is a coincidence, but he will surely believe in the unexpected if the group comes up with a scientific explanation.