3 Spirits Haunting Matt’s House

Im a big para normal freak but never lived in a haunted house until… My dad told me all about when i was little that there was three spirits in the house in bangor i probibaly dont remember because i was 4 when we moved out. Two of the spirits were old ladys that died there and the third was a little boy wwho jumped out the attic window. Our attic was my sister brother and I’s playroom so there were lots of toys and the place was a mess when we were done with it. So my dad would go up and clean it up when we are done so my mom wouldent get angry.(she is a cleaning freak) Once my dad is done cleaning up the train set and blocks and such he would go down stairs. Then when me and my siblings were having a nap he would hear a big crash upstair. Thinking it was me waking up and going up there he went up to bring me back to bed but when he saw what happened he was confused. The toy train was set up and going but it had no batteries and the blocks were set up and he saw a old crossbow on the ground with the little boys name in it. On mothers day my dad made a big feast of food early in the morning and he would hear the old ladys criticizing his cooking. Foot step would always be pacing going up and down the hall. Then my mom got so sick and tired of the spirits she yelled “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE” then a couple seconds later the basment windows imploded and a wind went through the house. (sounds like a cheap horror movie but it really happened) Just recently my dad told me a kinda different storie instead of the kinda funny stories. There was a violent spirit i didn’t know about. One night when we all went to the nut cracker( i thought he was scarier then the ghosts!) My dad stayed home. He had a jar with a candle in it and was asking the spirit questions . If yes the flame would go one way and no the other. Then he asked one final question and the flame shot strait up and he shot the jar. The spirit was in the jar and now it is somewhere near the bangor international airport. And probibaly is still shut

well thats just one of my stories and i will probibaly submit some alien stories of mine ( i got lots of em:)