7 Steps to Travel with Astral Projection

Astral Projection is to develop an ability to launch your soul outside of the physical body to the spiritual world. It is a paranormal interpretation of an out-of-body experience in which your soul leaves your physical body and moves to the ethereal region in the sky where the spirit goes between death and entry into the spirit world, it is a level of existence where personal feelings are said to be perceived at a higher level than the material world.
In this state of consciousness, you can travel and see things without your physical body and it can be experienced via lucid dreaming, deep meditation or consciously if are technically expert in astral projection.    

1.    Cheer up and relax your body. Be cool and find a peaceful place to sit, lighten up all your body and muscles, breathe deeply and hold your breathe in as long as you comfortably can.

2.    Lucid your mind. Find a comfortable, noise-free and dark, place with no external interruption and motivation. The only motivation you should experience in this situation is motivation or stimulation from your thoughts.

3.    Try to fall asleep, but hold yourself just before you go to sleep. Please lie on mattress with your forearm up in the air. As you start to fall asleep your arm will fall and this will stir you in a state you are in just before you go to sleep.

4.    Conscious about state of vibration. Vibration is the beginning of projection and it generates a feeling of irritation in your body. It requires persistent practice and observation. You will be acquainted with it when you feel it.

5.    Get control over state of vibration with your mind. Practice, practice and practice. Stirring the vibrations through out your body in order to organize and gain control over this state of vibration. When you become proficient in commanding vibration in your body smoothly, then you are prepared to enter the astral plane.

6.    Initiate yourself to separate partially from your body. At first, let your armor leg go or release from your body and then pull it back in. Do not loose your mind away from the thought of leaving your body. Gradually, you will be ready for full separation.

7.    Practice separation state time and again. When you are proficient in this final state, get ready and leave your body totally with out fear. Stick your mind with this thought that your body is getting lighter and floating upward pleasantly. If you begin to feel hectic and stressful, stop practicing the astral projection technique. It shows that you are not yet ready for astral projection.