A Fresh Look at the Shadow Person Phenomenon

The obsidian humanoid shapes known as “the shadow people” are faceless beings of dark energy that inhabit the reaches between reality and fiction.  They are also one of the most prolific paranormal forces of recent times.  In reality, they are getting more and more frequent in their appearances, according to reports filed to numerous paranormal sites across the internet.

“I’ll never forget the most terrifying experience of my life,” goes one typical encounter, “I was laying in my bed reading when suddenly a figure sauntered into my room with its arms flailing like they were made of rubber and not part of the rest of the body.  As it took two supernaturally long strides toward me, suddenly it was standing face to face with me.  It was hovering above me as though trying to understand why I was so terrified.  I screamed and threw the book at it and it vanished.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping with the lights off ever since then.”

Legends of these mysterious ethereal beings have been springing up throughout history, spurring many to use the precedent set about in history as evidence for their existence.  The Cherokee tell of a being known as the Raven Mocker, who shifts from a massive black bird to a humanoid shape made of shadow.

The Raven Mockers were originally alleged to steal the souls of the sick who were on the verge of death.  Myths of the Raven Mocker also say the entities couldn’t steal the souls of those who were buried properly or who resided in the home of a shaman until death.

The Jinn of legend was the Islamic equivalent of the shadow person or Raven Mocker.  Myths of Jinn say it cannot be seen with the naked eye.  The being can only be viewed as a wispy figure of roughly anthropomorphic black smoke.

It wasn’t until the 90’s, however, that they finally gained popularity in the mainstream.  Contrary to the typical ghost sighting, the Shadow Person is marked by the lack of distinguishable features, the overwhelming sensation of evil, and the lack of adherence to the surrounding environment.  Shadow People can walk through closed doors, can be seen suddenly peeking through a wall, crawling on ceilings, walls, and shrinking or growing in size considerably.

Still others cite the shadow person myth as a sign of a kind entity that warns the viewer of impending danger.  Many have said that prior to a great cataclysm, these creatures will appear to attempt to warn a lucky few that they should be careful and on their toes lest they fall victim to whatever impending doom is in their future.

The Shadow people have run into the same controversy as the Mothman.  Are they here to help us?  Or are they merely entities that “eat” misery wherever they find it?  Regardless, the shadow people are sure to have many people giving their own shadow a second look if cast just right upon the wall.  Though they haven’t been documented as thoroughly as ghosts, hundreds of frightened people are still reporting encounters with the beings time after time.