A Ouija Board Writes Letters, A Ghost Box Calls

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In the world of divination there are several different methods that allow spiritual communication with the beings that seem to inhabit the world between realms.  One such device being used by paranormal enthusiasts and investigators alike known as the “Ghost Box” has been creating waves for skeptics and believers alike.  The Ghost Box is gaining in popularity over the more traditional Ouija board as it not only allows users to see what an entity has to say, but to hear its voice as well.

The Ghost Box may sound very similar to the evidence capturing seen in more well known EVP circles (Electronic Voice Phenomena) but there is one major difference between the Ghost Box and EVP.  While EVP allows a user to ask a question and review it later to hear strange voices, the Ghost Box actually lets users hear the communication in real time as they communicate with the unseen entities.  Ghost Boxes are traditionally used by either a single user who then interprets the messages to the rest of the group as they listen for responses on headphones.

There are, however, drawbacks to using the Ghost Box.  Many investigators find the endless droning and chirping of the device unnerving.  After several minutes of use the device has an almost hypnotic quality to it as the user listens.  And given the prevalence of white noise in horror movies this serves to have a compounding fear effect on the users.  Additionally, the communication requires interpretation by the user.  Practice makes Ghost Box operators more skilled in interpreting messages, but the only way to get practice is through use.  Some users have also reported that many different types of entity don’t like repeating themselves while others will be far more understanding.

There are, however, several skeptics of the device as well.  Some say the Ghost Box allows too much room for interpretation, and that conversations will be affected by the desires, fears, and whims of the operator.  And since interpretation is required, it’s difficult to tell if two operators in the same room would come to the same conclusion.  Proponents of the device say since spiritual communication is far different than speaking aloud in a room that communication could happen with the same entity (or competing entities) simultaneously with different messages being conveyed.

Additionally, ghost boxes must largely be built, although electronics enthusiasts have declared the process to be incredibly simple.  Still, one should have a working knowledge of electronics before attempting to build one.  Additionally, there have been many who say the devices are largely affected by radio waves in the area.  Strong radio waves make communication with a ghost box easier while a “dead zone” would be more difficult.

Many say the disadvantages are a small price to pay, however, to communicate with paranormal entities in real time.  And there are those who say the communication is difficult only for a short period while an investigator is learning how to use the device.  And of course as with any evidence gathering tool, this evidence is often recorded and placed on the Internet for interpretation and analysis by the paranormal community.