Additional Haunted Places in Oregon

Continuing the haunted locations scattered across the state of Oregon, you will learn of which hall found at the University of Oregon in Eugene may bring you face to face with a ghost who is particularly fond of a certain room, as well as a restaurant who may have a friendly, ghostly soul watching over the business.

Yardley Estates , Bend

Noises have been known to surround the forest of the Yardley Estates. One common report is that if you are in the forest playing around , you may encounter the sound of something letting out a growl that is rather deep and menacing. Some people claim to have heard footsteps coming closer to them even though no one was in sight.

Ye Olde Castle Restaurant , Burns

This eatery was once a house that dated back to the 1800s. For quite some time now, employees who work at the restaurant have sighted the ghost of a woman who wears a blue dress. It seems she doesn’t really like change, as any time the eatery is painted or undergoes repairs , she makes an appearance. Most of the time, she will make her presence known by showing up to the corner of your eye. Witnesses claim she will stare at you. However, if you make an attempt to make direct eye contact, she will vanish. Even though she is out of sight , her presence is still felt.

Some describe the ghost as compassionate and motherly in a way. A great deal of people believes that she was a friend of the people who own the restaurant that lost a battle to cancer while she was still full of life. It is believed that the ghost is the same person who held close ties to the owner and actually taught her how to run the business. Others claim that it is the ghost of a woman who may have died on the premises when it was a house in the past.

University of Oregon , Eugene

At Stafford Hall, it is said that Room 101 has been the site of odd occurrences, as outside of this space (which is a resident hall) , the vision of a young man has been spotted on several different occasions. Witnesses claim that he will look into the room as if he is searching for something or will quickly move around corners. Some people have spotted his presence across the street where a cemetery is situated when it is late at night. This site is located less than one block away from Stafford Hall. It seems that this ghost likes to make himself known when the campus is quiet or barely anyone is in sight.

Lane Community College , Eugene

If you visit the center building, there is an elevator that is supposedly haunted by a janitor that met his death back in the 1960s. Some people claim to have heard his pleas for held when the sun is setting. It is thought that his ghost is behind a lot of tricks played on individuals who use the elevator after the sun has set. One of his favorite tricks is taking people to the basement level, which is pretty eerie in itself.