Afterlife Communication – they’re closer than you think

Angels Watching Over Me by Jacky Newcomb (Published by Hay House)My own Dad passed just over a year ago. The night of his passing he was busy”¦he may have been dead but he visited each of his four daughters in dreams. Dad looked well and happy , he was just popping back
to let us know he’d made it safely
to the other side of life!

            I receive hundreds of letters each month from people who’ve had similar afterlife contact”¦.and maybe you have

            Have you experienced any of these?


  • You have a very ‘real’ dream of the person who has died. During the dream visit you are aware that the person is dead and rather than a normal ‘confused’ dream you are lucid. You talk
    to the deceased and they reassure you that they are safe and well. Sometimes they tell you that they are watching over you or they may comfort you by letting you know that ‘everything will be ok”¦’


  • You get a sense of the person being with you or close
    to you. Lights may flicker in the room or respond by flickering lights
    to yes and no answers.


  • Alarms may go off after you sense the deceased with you , or at the time you are talking about them or thinking about them. This could be smoke alarms, bedside alarm clocks, mobile phone alarms or even door bells. Sometimes people may hear bells ringing but have no idea where the sound is coming from.


  • Clockwork items will start up on their own (several items or something may start
    to work which has not been wound up for many months or years , and often in response
    to the deceased person being talked about or thought about. Clocks, watches, children’s
    toys and music boxes can be included on this list.


  • TV’s, radio’s and DVD’s are messed around with. A DVD player may record ‘their’ favourite programme or a programme they want you
    to watch! Radio’s and TV’s turn on and off on their own or will switch channel
    to something they want you
    to see or listen


  • Items go missing or reappear. Small coins, jewellery or crystals have a habit of doing this. Items will appear again by dropping out of mid-air or reappearing in a place where you have already looked. Sometimes (thankfully rare) objects will fly about! A pho
    to of the deceased will move or fall (usually not breaking) or an object of theirs will find YOU. Items might appear
    to have been rearranged or lined up when no one (no one physical that is) has been about
    to do this.


  • Finding white feathers is common. They appear after you ask for a sign or ‘co-incidentally’ when you are in need of comfort. Feathers can appear ‘as if out of nowhere’ or turn up in unusual places.


  • Some people may pick up the very strong scent of flowers or perfume. Granddad might share the scent of his
    tobacco or Dad his favourite cologne. Other unusual scents people have
    told me about are coconut and fish and chips! But these are usually when we associate the deceased person with the smell.


  • People see posters or even number-plates which give them signs that the deceased are around. Words stand out in a book or we come across a particular magazine article etc which gives us the information we seek.


  • Birds and animals act in unusual ways.


  • It is common
    to sense the deceased person around you. You might feel the comforting
    touch of a hand on your shoulder or someone holding your hand, even though you can see no one. This is normally accompanied by a feeling of great peace and tranquillity rather than one of fear which you might expect.


            Our loved ones are desperately trying
to reach out
to us from their heavenly homes. Our pets can usually see things before we can and children are even more likely than adults
to tune in
to these afterlife realms which are not ‘up there’ but all around us (and just slightly out of ‘phase’ on a different dimension.)

            Imagine the blades of a fan. When the fan speeds up the blades disappear”¦disappear from our view that is. Even though we can’t see them, they are still there. The otherworld realms are exactly the same. They are right here with us”¦just speeded up enough so that (for the most part) we can’t see them.

            During altered states of consciousness (dreaming, meditating, during a coma or when anesthetised for example), then our soul bodies are working at a faster speed , we are more able
to tune in
to these other realms and they are more able
to reach out
to us. Like many things that exist in our normal world, just because we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

            The afterlife”¦its closer than you might think!

© Jacky Newcomb



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