Alberta: Haunted Hospitals & Cemeteries

Cemeteries and hospitals have a reputation for producing a fright in the mind and heart, for many different reasons. The thought of going to the hospital for a stay and not coming back is one of the concerns that may cross someone’s mind. Cemeteries have always been known to make hairs stand on edge.


When dealing with hospitals in the Alberta area, you will find a hospital in the Blairmore area, where reports of the silhouette of an unknown woman has been spotted. She can be seen at a window with odd lights. Accompanying her sighting, strange noises and singing can be heard.


In Calgary, you will find Grace Hospital, where the ghost of a woman can be encountered on the premises. She is often spotted in the delivery room with a baby in her arms. She isn’t considered to cause any harm. The most troublemaking that is attributed to her is the banging of pipes, as well as the opening and closing of windows. It is believed that sometimes she can cause a difficult birth for some who are placed in the particular room that she haunts.


The ghost has been identified as Maudine Riley, whose family owned the land that the hospital was constructed on. She lost her life during childbirth within one of the rooms of her residence. It is thought that this room is where the delivery room now stands. Her child did not make it through the birth and it is believed that she does not want women to give birth in that room because she fears they will lose their child and life as well. A monument in the name of Maudine and her child can be located across the street from the hospital in Riley Park.


The Edmonton General Hospital consists of several different wings, referred to by the letters, A, B, C and Y. When entering the B wing, which is no longer in use, you will encounter the former Operating Rooms. It has been out of operation for about ten years and the smell of sick individuals still can be detected. The 8th floor is where you will find the Old Pediatrics area, where the unexplainable sound of crying children can be heard. The floor was closed due to complaints of these cries, which could be heard by Alzheimer’s patients. The basement area of the B wing is where an electrician lost his life during construction. His ghost is said to roam the area. Throughout the 6th and 8th floors, the ghost of a mother can be seen wandering about looking for her dead child. Her cries can be heard even after she disappears from view.


When you reach Drunheller, there is a city graveyard where a few ghosts can be found. At the Cadotte Graveyard at Cadotte Lake, you may feel as if someone is watching you from time to time. It is believed that if you visit the area during the night, you will be chased by a tall, shadowy figure. Many believe that the fact that the area used to be a battlefield is why so many odd events occur in the vicinity. In Boyle, the Old Cemetery presents graves that date back to the 1800s. Chills immediately greet the back of your neck upon entering through the gates.