America’s most haunted cemeteries

Lafayette CemeteryEveryone gets the chills when they walk through a cemetery, especially at night but mostly it is all in our heads, I mean come on, walking through where hundreds of deceased people are buried thinking you will see a ghost around every tombstone is enough to give anyone the eebie jeebies.

Come and take a walk through some of America’s most haunted cemeteries and read about the ghosts that choose to hang around them.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery 

This secluded cemetery located in Chicago is said to be the most haunted place in America, Bachelor’s Grove has had numerous paranormal investigators that have investigated this cemetery and it has been reported that it has had over 160 cases of documented paranormal occurrences, which include everything from floating “orbs” to lights and full body apparitions.

 Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery

Camp Chase is a Confederate cemetery located in Ohio nestled in a Columbus Hilltop neighborhood. This cemetery marks the place where a POW camp stood over 140 yrs ago. It is said here a woman roams the cemetery in search of her soldier, lost in a POW camp during the American Civil War. On a grave of a confederate soldier, flowers will appear on it for no explainable reason.

Hollywood Memorial Cemetery

Hollywood Forever Cemetery located in Hollywood, Ca. was founded in 1899 and was originally named Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery. The original site occupied 100 acres but 40 acres were sold off to Paramount and RKO Studios in 1920. The Hollywood Memorial Park cemetery is the final resting place for such stars as, Fatty Arbuckle, Valentino, Victor Fleming and Clifton Webb whose ghost is said to haunt The Abbey of the Psalms Mausoleum where it is reported that guest hear voices, whispering, see strange lights, feel cold drafts and smell cologne.

El Campo Santo Cemetery.

This cemetery located in San Diego, Ca. This cemetery is believed to be actively haunted with such sightings as what looks like an Hispanic or a Native American walking through out the grounds and a woman in a white Victorian dress will appear and disappear into the south wall of the cemetery.

Lafayette Cemetery

Located in New Orleans, LA. Is said to be one of the most haunted. Hundreds of sightings are reported in this historic cemetery. A woman in white who flags down taxis and always disappears before the ride is over; Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau is said to haunt the cemetery and surrounding area. Her powers were thought to be strong when alive, but now that death has taken her, she holds even greater sway over her devoted, who decorate her grave with symbols, candles and flowers, in the hope she’ll bless them.