Amityville: 3D (1983) & The Amityville Horror (2005)

Looking for trivia and facts concerning the third movie to follow in line regarding the Amityville Horror plot. However, it is important to note that this film is not based on the true events associated with the Lutzes. This article also touches upon information and trivia regarding the 2005 remake of the original Amityville Horror film.

Amityville: 3D Trivia and Facts

1) While the film takes place at the Amityville House, it is not a direct sequel of the first and second films, which both focus on events that are believed to be real.

2) The movie was originally filmed in 3D, but today , the only commercial 3D release of this movie is on the UK released Region 2 PAL Collector’s Edition DVD.

3) Isn’t it ironic that the Amityville Realty phone number is 666-1818?

4) In 1986, the movie was nominated for an International Fantasy Film Award for Best Film at the Fantasporto Awards.

5) The tagline for this film is “Enter the gateway to hell…at your peril!”

6) This movie was also known as “Amityville: The Demon” aka “Amityville III: The Demon.”

* The Amityville Horror (2005)


Keeping in line with the original, the plot is pretty much the same, but the intensity is completely revamped with the aid of special effects. In this remake, Ryan Reynolds takes on the role of a rather scary George Lutz, while his wife (Kathy Lutz) is played by Melissa George.

The Amityville Horror (2005) Facts and Trivia

1) This remake of the original movie boasted the tagline “Katch ’em, kill ’em.”

2) At the Golden Trailer Awards, the film won the Best Horror category.

3) At the Teen Choice Awards, the movie won the Teen Choice Award Choice for Scary Scene in a movie for when George Lutz (played by Ryan Reynolds) is seen in the bathtub. Rachel Nichols (who played the babysitter, Lisa) was nominated with Best Movie Scream Scene for when she becomes locked in the closet.

4) Other nominations for the movie include: Best Frightened Performance (Rachel Nichols) for the Movie Award: Best Frightened Performance; and the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film (Young Actress Age Ten or Younger) – Chloe Moretz.

5) Did you know that this movie was not screened for the critics?

6) To create a higher level of performance, Ryan Reynolds decided not to bond with the actors and actresses that played the children in the movie. He became rather distant, so that when his character (George) started to change, he wouldn’t have any issues when he had to inflict verbal or physical abuse on them. He was so distant during this time that the children truly thought that Reynolds did not like them.  

7) It was a special pair of contact lenses that Ryan Reynolds wore in many of the scenes that were responsible in creating the effect that his eyes were black with a white ring surrounding them.

8) Eerily, the body of a fisherman who had been killed washed up on the riverbank located close to the main house. All of this occurred just before shooting of the movie began.

9) This take on the Amityville Horror movie was based on a book that Jay Anson had wrote.