Amityville House Back on the Market

The house that was the setting for the events of the 1977 bestselling novel The Amityville Horror is now back on the market after changing hands several times since the Lutz family lived in it for a short period of time.  The house itself has been the inspiration for several horror movies and even a few books since it originally became famous for the supposed extreme level of paranormal activity alleged to have taken place within its corridors.

The book spawned two movies set to a suburban backdrop where the Lutz family moves into a seemingly peaceful home for a bargain only to find that later the place has been the sight of the grisly murders that everyone in town seems to know about except them.  Of course as time progresses the Lutzes find that not only is the Amityville house still haunted by rumors, but supposedly by the ghosts themselves. of the family that was shot to death by the eldest son of the Defeo family, James.

George Lutz was the focus of the paranormal activity.  Apparently, according to the account of the incidents that took place in the house, George would wake up at 3:15 every morning (the time of the Defeo murders) and check the boathouse.  Kathy began having nightmares of the murders.  She would later report that she felt as though she were being hugged by a mysterious unexplained entity that would roam the house in an eerie and yet somehow still loving manner.  Eventually she would discover the secret room beneath the stairs that were not included in the blueprints of the house.  Their dog refused to enter the room and  growled when brought near to it.  George became obsessive quickly with tending to the fire of the house in the big fireplace in the living room.  As though fed by the obsession at one point a demonic figure appeared to George and later would leave trace evidence behind in the soot.  The footprints of a cloven hooved demonic pig were discovered shortly after the entity was allegedly spotted outside the window.

The events are largely questioned in the aftermath of the two movies and the book.  Those who suggested the book may have actually been partially sensationalized or outright fabricated by the author of The Amityville Horror, Jay Anson were fiercely attacked by fans of the book.  The Lutzes went into seclusion wishing to move on with their lives, and have since passed away.

As for the house, after the incident and the subsequent book, the address changed hands a few times before eventually passing on to the current owners who are now selling it for a substantial sum of money.  Those wishing to discover for themselves if their own lives in the iconic house of horror will have to do so for 1.15 million dollars.  Although it is famous, the iconic front windows of the Amityville House have changed substantially, and it is barely recognizable from the house in the books.  And according to the previous owners, the once haunted house has been strangely quiet for the past few years.