An Exploration of TV Show , Paranormal State Part 1

For thirty minutes, the exploits of a college students investigating the world of paranormal activity unfold in a television series showcased on A&E. “Paranormal State” details the members of the Penn State University Club called the Paranormal Research Society, which digs deep into the issues and encounters surrounding supernatural phenomena. With a goal to find the answers behind some of life’s greatest mysteries and unexplainable occurrences – the show is much more than ghosts and haunted houses.

As the members of the Penn State club analyze the ins and outs of paranormal activity, we see various concerned people contact the group for their expertise and guidance. Past shows have shown a Catholic Church to regular families inquiring about unique events that may take place within their residence. On the other side of the coin, the show takes a docu-drama reality twist, as the personal lives of the members are also revealed, including dating issues.

Meet the Cast

The cast of “Paranormal State” all tackles their own branch of responsibility , whether it is filming their communication with the people who request their assistance or completing research for a particular case. Below you will gain a better understanding of the show by meeting the cast:

Ryan Buell

As the founder of the Paranormal Research Society, Buell has headed this club ever since the first month that he stepped foot on the campus in September of 2001. With a deep-seeded interest in the paranormal, he expanded his knowledge on the subject by spending a lot of time at the library , scanning publications that touched upon the Bermuda Triangle and contact with the dead. At the tender age of 15, Buell got his first taste of an investigation, which involved the Salem-Black River Church located just outside of his hometown. With a handful of television and book proposals, it was A&E where his story finally found a medium. Aside from his Paranormal Research Society duties, Buell is also a freelance journalist.

Katrina Weidman

As a senior at Penn State, Weidman is working towards a dual degree in Integrative Arts with a concentration in Music Production. She is also studying Theatre with a concentration in Performance. Weidman was a transfer to Penn State after finally deciding to attend college , an opportunity she nearly ignored. Besides serving as the investigator for the Paranormal Research Society, she also spends time as a member of the Penn State Snowboard club and co-host for The Lion 90.7 FM, where she participates in a variety of shows, as well as voice-over work.

Heather Taddy

Majoring in Film and Media Studies, Taddy is now a senior at Penn State. Before becoming a part of the Paranormal Research Society, she was spending her first two years of college at a branch campus located in her hometown of Altoona. It was during the Fall of 2005 that she learned of the club after scanning an article that appeared in the Halloween edition of the campus publication. She then made the decision to transfer to Penn State, where she started to become a regular face at the Paranormal Research Society meetings. She is known as the “Team Documentarian” of the group.