An Exploration of TV Show , Paranormal State Part 2

Continuing the exploration of the cast of “Paranormal State,” you will learn about the Field Investigation & Research Director for the Paranormal Research Society, as well as get an idea of some of the things that members encounter by taking a look at a few themes explored in past episodes.

Eilfie Music

Showing interest for the paranormal at an early age, Eilfie Music serves as the Field Investigation & Research Director for the Paranormal Research Society. Her openly spiritual childhood also contributed to her later decision to embrace paganism as her faith. Intelligence runs in the family, as her father earned a PhD in Social Anthropology. People were often shocked to learn that he was actually an occultist.

While he didn’t share a great concern for the paranormal, he still gave his daughter encouragement to investigate what piqued her interest. Music spent a lot of time reading books pertaining to paranormal research. Upon graduating from high school, she learned of the Paranormal Research Society and has become a member ever since. It is her knowledge of many different religions and their belief systems that has helped in various cases that the Paranormal Research Society has encountered.

Sergey Poberezhny

A native of Sevastopol, Ukraine , Poberezhny departed his homeland when he was four years old and embarked on a journey across Europe. Before joining the ranks of the Paranormal Research Society, he attended Penn State Erie, which was a smaller campus situated further away. However, after watching a couple of television shows on the paranormal, Poberezhny grew curious on whether or not such things really existed. A midnight drive about Erie would take him on a journey to uncover ghosts that left him with awesome photographs but no evidence that any ghosts truly exist.

After leaving his ‘paranormal dreams’ behind , Poberezhny transferred to a different campus and begin to scan the school organizations looked for a place to meet up with new people. He settled on three, which included the Paranormal Research Society, where he now serves as the tech specialist.

Sample of Paranormal Research Society Shows

To get an idea of the kind of shows associated with “Paranormal State” , a couple of examples are listed below:

1)    Man in the House: In this episode from Season One, a grandmother and her grandson call upon the team to investigate what they believe is an unhappy specter who has emerged after they’ve began renovating their home that dates back to the 19th century.

2)    Pet Cemetery: A woman and her dog are the center of this episode, where the team is taken to Waterboro, Maine for an investigation.

3)    Shape Shifter: The team explores the claims of a mother and daughter who believe they are under the attack of a winged “creature” that possesses a set of sharp teeth. This episode takes place in Shapleigh, Maine.

4)    Sixth Sense: A concerned mother asks the team to explore the reason why her son claims to see dead people.

5)    Vegas: A Las Vegas journey has the team investigating the spirit of a dead girl who is known as “Emily” and speaks through the medium of a 14-year-old girl.