Are Free Masons Part Of Some Paranormal Occult?

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The following article is from “Flashpoint” a publication by a Christian publication from the South. Author ?. This in no way represents the views of Freemasonry or Desert-well BBS, however it is so full of mis-information & abject paranoia that we think it a delightful introduction to those of you who are NEW*AGE people who may not have had any real contact with our Fraternity.

For in truth, the very term NEW*AGE was invented by Freemasonry and has been the name of the leading publication of Scottish Rite Freemasonry for over FIFTY years.

Masons ARE a Secret New Age Cult!

Author Not-credited

We receive many letters asking if Masonic organizations are New Age. The answer is yes, most definately. The current Grand Commander of Freemasonry, (Scottish Rite), C. Fred Kleinknecht, 33~, told all Masons this last January that one particular book was to be their daily guide for living – their “Bible.” That book, said Kleinknecht, is Albert Pike’s MORALS AND DOGMA. Incidentally, the Masonic magazine that published Kleinknecht’s comments is approiately called NEW AGE.

So what exactly does the late Pike teach his “brothers” in freemasonry? What is this teaching that Masons hold to be their most precious secret, their guide for daily living? Read carefully this revealing statement by Pike, in the instructions issued by him to the supreme councils of freemasonry.

” We worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, then repeat it to the Bretheren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees — The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine… Yes, Lucifer is God…”

Let me repeat Pike’s blasphemous words: “Yes, Lucifer is God.” Now since this is the doctrine that all “high degree initiates” of freemasonry must swear by and take an oath to support, I would seriously question the integrity of any man who claims to be both a Christian and a Mason.

Well, dear BBS user, that should give you some idea of what is being said by so-called Christians. The Lord said in the Bible that “if your eye is fouled then all you see is dirty; but if your eye is clear, then all you see is good.”

So by that, I seriously question the integrity of any “Christian” who claims to be battling the “forces of darkness” & doesn’t do anything else but sling mud upon a Fraternity that contributes at least $ 1 and 1/2 millions dollars per day to a plethora of charitable causes.

Not that evil doesn’t exist, devil-worship cults, deranged people and groups exist & are quite open about what they do and believe. But the gutless preach on about Freemasonry cum devil-worship, knowing that Masons are too kind and benevolent to all mankind to even notice their ravings, except that membership is not what it should be, partly because of this kind of slander in the name of Christ.

Masons have a long history of helping the poor and friendless, as well as being the recognized leader in the fight for individual liberty. The United States was founded by Freemasons, and the U.S. Constitution itself is nothing less than a Masonic document. To attack Masonry shows a complete and utter disrespect for both Religion and Patriotism.

In the second part of this bulletin, we are going to examine the work of yet another anti-Masonic writer whose unsigned article appears in the newsletter published by the first “Evangelist”. We won’t comment upon it, because it can speak for itself, it’s confusion is so close to paranoic delusion, that we only hope the nameless author does no harm to himself or his neighbors.

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Read for yourself!

The USA is in deep trouble!….We know that the Masterminds of the Great Conspiracy that are governing this country by their ownership of the President and Congress have a religion. They embrace the Luciferian faith and have marked our country with its symbols. In Washington we have the Obelisk (Phallus of Baal) called the Washington Monument. Here let it be noted that George Washington would have been the first to condemn such a filthy abomination as that monument, which is so sacred to the Luciferians and Free Masons. In fact it was because George Washington forsook Freemasonry and began to expose it that Masonic doctors bled him four times in one day until he died. This happened in December, 1799, at his home at Mt. Vernon, where h3e had become ill the day before. It should also be noted that in addition to his assassination taking place in the last month of the last year of the 18th century, that his monument, erected by the Masonic Lodge, is 555 feet high. This is significant because five is the number of death in the Luciferian religion, and five trippled indicates assassination.

In addition to the Washington Monument, the city also contains the massive and elaborate 33rd-degree Masonic Temple of the Scottish Rite, complete with its pyramids of Egypt on the roof and its 33 pillars (phalluses), each 33 feet high. Inside the temple room of this heathen building, the walls are covered with drawings of serpents and every unclean thing, and the altar in this room is the black stone block which is sacred to the satanic religions.

I must also mention here that the very street plan of the city of Washington D.C. is laid out in the form of a temple of Satan. By examining a map of the city you can see clearly the head of 5the goad of Baphomet or Mendes, the compass and square of Freemasonry, and other Luciferian symbology. All these things clearly tell us who is running this country and what their religious beliefs really are. When we consider all of this, is it any wonder why this country is so demon-infested?

We at NPL are didicated to getting out such truth, and especially the message of deliverance from the powers of darkness in the mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is why we are offering two each of NPL’s 20 titles at cost. Folk’s, we can do no more to help you learn these principles in time. (See ad elsewhere in this paper.) Those who refuse to stand against Satan as this age darkens will fall. May you and we stand, and put on the whole armor of God, to His glory. (Ephesians 6:10-18)