Are Shadow People Our Future?

It’s not unusual to hear about mysterious shadow-like entities that in some ways appear to be roughly humanoid but appear in others to be nothing more than a shadow or ghostly shade of a person.  The entities are generally described as malevolent, although reports of the beings harming witnesses physically are virtually unheard of.  But are they ghosts?  Or something else?  And what could that something else be really?

A shadow person is defined as a paranormal entity that essentially serves to consume all light that hits it, reflecting no color and instead looking like a walking hole in the fabric of time and space.  They are described as being roughly anthropomorphic and dressed in clothing that almost always seems to come from the 1940’s and early 1950’s.  It’s not uncommon to see a female shadow person wearing a dress and a male to be wearing the unmistakable shape of a fedora over its head.  Those who encounter the beings describe their demeanor as malevolent and overwhelmingly powerful, but even though these words are used with frightening regularity there is rarely anything to express precisely why witnesses feel this way.  Shadow people seem to be entities of pure feeling.  And these feelings often manifest very powerfully to witnesses.

But where do they come from?  Are they simply displaced hopes and aspirations?  Are they the troubled dreams of a bygone era torn asunder by the creeping march of a more technological and disconnected time?  Are they the anxieties of a generation past?  Or is there something more sinister and eldritch staring out at frightened witnesses beneath the brim of that fedora that consumes all light?

Last month we brought you the story of a Pennsylvania man who was held by a group of shadow people crowding around his bed.  Though the man didn’t know what hit him, he couldn’t help but remember then that earlier in the night he had experienced a close encounter with a strange cigar shaped craft that he had ignored and gone to bed.  The man’s story suggests one of two things.  Either he was suffering from an intense form of hypnagogia or waking dream or the entities were related to the craft he had seen less than an hour earlier.

It has been suggested that shadow people are actually time travelers moving backwards through history to observe us for unknown reasons.  If this were the case and the entities sent back in time really were incorporeal and composed of shadow would they be us?  Or would they be more akin to aliens, having long since discarded the last of their humanity in favor of something new and strange to us?

Whatever they are, the vast majority of reports of encounters with these beings appear to be exclusively contemporary.  That combined with their peculiar habit of dress may be a clue as to their origin.  And once their origin is discovered, perhaps we can get a clearer picture of their intentions.