Astral Projection – An Esctasy

We have heard fairly a lot about Astral Projection and secretly almost everyone wants to experience this stage. Well, let me take an opportunity to welcome you to Astral Plane. Astral Projection is a stage in which a person’s mind leaves the physical body and venture into the universe in his astral body. The time when we are in this stage our astral body is connected with the physical body with a silver “umbilical” cord.


Astral projection is not same as dream. You will be aware of everything that you will encounter when you are in your astral body. One can’t expect to be venturing around in his astral body in the first attempt, as claimed by many astral surfers this ability may come after just a few unsuccessful attempts or many.

We at times are naturally pushed to Astral Planes and the people who are inexperienced assume that they are dreaming. Have you ever had a dream where you have found yourself literally standing without a single piece of clothing on your body? It would not sound strange as most of us have had this experience. This experience was an encounter with Astral Projection.

One can take help of “Flying Ointments” but I do not recommend using them as they are highly toxic in nature and may leave you lifeless.

Different projectors follow different techniques for Astral Projection. The rules are almost same in all the techniques.

Following are the steps to Project to our astral bodies:

1)      Choose a place and time where there is no disturbance around.

2)      Keep the lights minimum in the room but don’t make it totally dark.

3)      Make sure you wear warm and comfortable clothing.

4)      Remember to regulate the temperature of the room as Astral Projection leaves our body cold.

5)      Lie down in a comfortable position.

6)      Free your mind from any kind of tensions. Stop pondering over any thoughts.

7)      Relax your body ”“ part by part ”“ feel your body parts relaxing.

8)      Breathe deeply. Repeat it for about 40 ”“ 50 times

9)      Now you will start to feel relaxed.

10)  Concentrate on moving away from your physical body

11)  Remember that anything to do with metaphysics should be done with relaxed mind.

12)  Try to push your mind to the astral level and you will succeed after a few attempts.

Let us learn about different kind of projections:

Real Time Projection ”“ Contrary to the astral projection, in this projection one moves in the real world as an invisible ghost. There are stories about US CIA using the Real Time Projection to get the USSR secrets in 1980s.

Virtual Reality Projection ”“ In this kind of projection our mind is partly in Astral and partly in real time. Interaction with both the planes is constant.

Remote Viewing ”“ In this kind of projection one sees the outside world which one has never experienced in the past. The projector doesn’t leave his or her body in this kind of Projection but uses some other means to see the outside world.

The people who have had an experience of Astral voyage claims that communication with other surfers is also possible. Nothing would be better than the “Astral” plane to see and meet the friends and relatives who are based at far off locations. It is not impossible and it is definitely worth giving a try. Bon Voyage.