Atlanta, Georgia Haunts Part 1

The next time you saunter through the city of Atlanta, you are sure to come across a host of interesting haunted houses, interesting ghost tales, and legends too tempting to leave behind. In this article, we will learn about a club with a history of sorrow and vampires, as well as a performance stadium with a resident rock star ghost.


The Dunwoody Brook Run area offers access to a park that is gated off from the rest of the area. As you enter the vicinity, you should head down the road where a building will greet you on the right. It is here that you will find the abandoned location of a building that once served as a residence for the mentally challenged. An array of different occurrences are known to take place on the premises, including unexplainable temperature changes and an intense feeling that something is not quite right with the place.


Visitors who have taken pictures while checking out the scene claim to have captured odd orbs in their film. When stepping onto the first and second floors, strange happenings like weird footsteps are known to take place. Doors also have a habit of opening and closing without anyone responsible for the act. The walls also highlight an unknown banging sound. Despite all of the things that happen on the first and second floor, it is the third floor that is thought the most haunted, where a small child is said to haunt it.


If you happen to check out a performance given at the Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater, you may come across the tale about the rock musician, who lost his life while on stage. Apparently, a gunshot came from inside the stadium and struck him dead. It is believed that his spirit still makes a guest appearance throughout the seating area, where some feel they may have felt his hand touch the back of his neck.


When looking for an interesting place to party the night away, The Masquerade is a great location to have a drink and show your moves on the dance floor”¦but do you know whose really watching you? Not only has the building undergone an array of freak accidents, such as fires and the collapsing of some of the structures, but also there is a rumor that vampires frequent this hot spot. Some believe a vampire actually calls the club its home.


The vampire story is not the only tale attached to the building , a darker history exists. The premises once served as a textile mill, where a handful of young girls lost their lives due to a slew of accidents (not to mention the cases of tuberculosis running through the girls that endured harmful working conditions). This is probably why the building is known for unexplainable screams, footsteps, and other noises that take place on the back stairs, when the club is not in session.


After hours also showcases a variety of odd events at the Masquerade, such as heavy amplifiers turned over at will and the supposed ghost of a tall man, who has been seen roaming about the inside of the club.