Atlanta, Georgia Haunts Part 2

Some of the haunted locations found in Atlanta include the Donaldson House, where cold spots and unexplainable footsteps are known to take place; the Fox building, where the image of a Confederate private ghost has been captured on film; and Six Flags, which has the ghost of a small girl wandering about the park acting like she has lost her parents with the intent to lure you into the nearby woods and cause you to become lost. This article mentions a few more interesting tales.


On Metropolitan Ave., there is a bridge situated directly over the street, which is also located by University Street. It is here that the ghost of a young woman who appears in a white dress can be seen standing under the bridge. It is believed that she is waiting for a ride home. When someone picks up the woman and attempts to take her home, witnesses claim that she departs the car and tells the driver “thank you” and then disappears.


There are some who try to escort the young lady to her front door, but as the door opens, it is the mother of the woman that appears and alerts the driver that individuals end up at her doorstep dropping her daughter off. The ghost is that of a woman that lost her life in a terrible accident that occurred more than 10 years ago under the bridge on Metropolitan St. that was once known as Stewart Avenue.


The Oakland Cemetery serves as the final resting place for about 3,000 to 4,500 Confederate soldiers that lost their lives when Sherman’s Invasion of Atlanta took place. As you approach a certain part of the graveyard, there is a statue depicting a sizeable wounded lion that pays homage to the Unknown Confederate Soldier. Some witnesses claim that you may hear a low voice calling out the names of the dead soldiers who have lost their lives in battle. This is known as the “The Roll Call of Dead.”


At the Shakespeare Tavern, a scary tale is attached to the location. In 1993, a presentation of Henry IV was being held when the actor that was playing Falstaff raced into the men’s dressing room and appeared quite out of sorts. He told others that he had seen a rather young male that was dressed in a velvet suit that resembled the garb of children living during the 1880s. He claimed that the boy appeared beside his dressing table.


Over the years, the Shakespeare Tavern was also known to showcase a variety of passing images and strange lights that appear from nowhere. It is also said that when the theater is empty, unexplainable voices can be heard as if a ghostly meeting is taken place on the premises. A room situated at the top level of the building is also on the grounds, where some people with sensitivity to the paranormal cannot enter. The energy is thick here and makes some feel clammy.


A couple of times, the ghost of an old man is said to haunt the room. One time, a female spirit is credited with warning people in the theater that an impending fire. She is also known to create a mess in the women’s dressing room. Sometimes, the shadowy image makes its presence known just above the stage.